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Will we see the return of Fan-Favorite Jedi this Season of the Mandalorian?

With the conclusion of Chapter 13 of the Mandalorian, we finally got to see Rosario Dawson's portrayal of Ahsoka Tano and it was one of the best episodes yet! We got to see Anakin Skywalker's former apprentice in action utilizing the lightsabers he gifted to her at the end of The Clone Wars in a great duel vs. Morgan Elsbath and her Beskar Spear; meanwhile Mando in a Old West Gunfight vs. Lang who tries to trick Mando to no avail. On top of this we also finally found out about the Child, and his name is Grogu. As Ahsoka tells Mando he was raised in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant learning the ways of the force from several Jedi Masters until Order 66 happens and that's all Grogu can remember at this time. So who helped Grogu escape Coruscant?

Ahsoka refuses to train Grogu but is that because off-screen Elsbath tells Ahsoka where Thrawn is and that is her goal right now, or simply declining because she isn't a Jedi anymore and sees the risk of Grogu falling to the dark side because of his attachments to Mando. Ahsoka tells Mando to bring Grogu to the planet Tython and place him on the Seeing Stone and then Grogu may choose his path, she then adds that there is a chance that a Jedi may sense his presence and come searching for him? Let's recap the next episode and discuss the Jedi most likely to seek out Grogu or more than likely show up to help rescue or break Mando and Grogu out of trouble.

In the next episode Chapter 14, we immediately arrive on Tython and Grogu gets placed on the Seeing Stone and thanks to the assistance of Boba Fett and Fennec he was able to finish his mysterious connection with the Force. Grogu is then kidnapped by Moff Gideon's Darktroopers, which we then we find out that Boba Fett and Fennec are honorable bounty hunters and agree to continue to help Mando safely recover Grogu. The episode ends with Mando requesting information on where Mayfield is being held to break him out as he knows where Moff Gideon is hiding. So we know next episode is a jailbreak but what if the next episode Mando is not just breaking out Mayfield but also a Jedi who knew (through the Force) to be there when Mando arrived.

Mace Windu

How about Mace Windu? Samuel L. Jackson to this day will attest that Master Windu did not die, sure his arm was cut off and he was thrown out a window. Having watched the Clone Wars you will know the Jedi rarely ever used parachutes as they bounced off falling objects and vehicles using only the force. Shoot, Darth Maul was cut in half and survived a fall from a great height, so I think it's safe to say Mace Windu is in fact alive. So the question here would be then what and where did he go? Well likely severely wounded and lets say during the force lightning standoff with Palpatine the force gave him a specific vision of who he needed to rescue (as Palpatine calls for Order 66 eliminating the Jedi) to save the fate of the Jedi (and/or the balance of the Force). That could have been non other than Grogu. This would explain why Mace Windu wouldn't have been involved with the rebellion because he was responsible for Grogu, then lost him, and has been searching the Galaxy to find him ever since.

Perhaps Windu tells us that Grogu already has learned everything that he could teach him and it is up to Grogu to remember everything by training Mando himself in the way of the Force. Windu is finally able to have peace of mind that Grogu is safely out of the hands of the Empire and he can finally retire (or go help Cal Kestis build the new Jedi Order) and hopefully that means we would get more future appearances from Samuel L. Jackson. A complete 180 on this idea is maybe Mace has to train Mando in order for Mando to teach Grogu how to use the force, and this could feasibly be the premise of Season 3.

What about a Skywalker?

There have been many different rumors surrounding what Lucasfilms will be doing with Luke Skywalker, from him making an appearance in the Mandalorian to having his own solo movie in development. Recent rumors suggest that Luke Skywalker will be re-casted and Mark Hamill may even have some say in who it should be. Lucasfilms is rumored to want Sebastian Stan for the role and considering his appearances as Bucky Barnes to the Winter Soldier, he definitely has the range and talent to pull it off. It's also hard to say he doesn't look like a younger Mark Hamill.

They could introduce the character in a non specific way by not revealing the Jedi as Luke Skywalker at first and seeing how the fans on the internet like Sebastian Stan as Luke before running a new movie or show. Luke is assumingly making his way across the galaxy in search for Force-sensitive children to rebuild the Jedi Order and/or Jedi/Sith artifacts to learn more about the secrets of the Force. Furthermore maybe he already has a Jedi Academy created and offers mentorship to Grogu and Mando but first requesting their assistances in locating an ancient artifact, or maybe Luke doesn't have time to train Grogu himself but tells Mando to go see his friend and fellow Jedi Knight Cal Kestis and former Jedi Master Cere Junden at the new Jedi Academy for Season 3.

Star Wars: Fallen Order's Heroes?

Speaking of schools for Jedi and rebuilding the Jedi Order, what about Cal Kestis' live action Star Wars debut? Cal would be the perfect Jedi to introduce in the end of this season's finale, he could show having responded to Grogu's call as he is searching the Galaxy for Force- sensitive children to create the New Jedi Order. For those who don't know Cal Kestis has become a recent fan favorite played by Cameron Monaghan in the most recent game by LucasArts Star Wars: Fallen Order, the story follows a young Jedi Apprentice as Order 66 happens and his Master sacrifices himself to save Cal. Cal then spends the next 5 years laying low until he has to use the Force to save a co-workers life, making him a target by the Empire. Cal is rescued by former Jedi Master Cere Junden along with Greez and they set out to build a new Jedi Order. Or perhaps Cal's Jedi Academy has already been established for a few years now following the end of the Empire and either he or Cere Junden comes to the rescue of Grogu and Mando.

They can then offer them safe haven as they train in the ways of the Force and then in return Mando goes to hunt down some ancient Jedi Artifacts; which could give us a glimpse in how we could get a live action Old Republic or the rumored High Republic trilogy in the works. This is one of my favorite ideas for this show to introduce as it opens up for a spin off series focusing on Cal and the Mantis crew, as well as bringing other Jedi into the fold and exploring the ancient Jedi secrets.

Quinlan Vos

There are several other Jedi who have survived Order 66 that we have seen in Star Wars canon such as Quinlan Vos, a former Jedi Master who appeared in The Phantom Menace, The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. He is a male Kiffar, who is sarcastic and does not like to play by the rules, and he happens to have a very interesting story right after surviving Order 66. In the book ‘Dark Disciple’ he and Assajj Ventress attempt to assassinate Count Dooku and upon failing, Vos agrees to join the dark side and become apprentice to Count Dooku. This wouldn't last long as his love for Ventress would bring him back to the light side of the force as she sacrifices herself. This gives Favreau and Filoni the option to explore the idea of a Gray Jedi who has learned the secrets of the Force light and dark and how Grogu could learn from this in ways to stay in balance with the force and still have his father son connection with Mando.

Assajj Ventress

As referring to above about Gray Jedi, what about someone trained in the Dark side of the force and is just recently learning the ways of the Jedi. Assajj Ventress the former Sith Apprentice to Count Dooku in the Clone Wars could now in fact be a Jedi Knight for the light side of the Force and maybe even a teacher or parent? If Vos loved Ventress enough to turn back to the light side then Ventress must no longer appeal to the dark side of the Force (although she dies in the book ‘Dark Disciple’ they could easily retell the story without killing her off and maybe Vos sacrifices his life instead with the help of Dathromir magic). Now attempting to make amends for the dark deeds she has done and is seeking to bring balance within herself by helping Grogu and will show up to help Mando. Perhaps she is in the prison where Mayfield is captured and will be apart of the break out as well? The only question is what color are her lightsabers now?

Altisian Jedi

There is also lesser known faction of Jedi known as the Altisian Jedi that split from the Jedi Order sometime before the Clone Wars erupted but still assisted during the War despite having been cast out. Headed by Jedi Master Djinn Altis, this faction allowed Masters to take on multiple apprentices as well as have families, both of which the Jedi Order forbid. He had his own ship called Chu'Unthor which he taught anyone willing to learn the ways of the Force and even married a local Bespin women named Margani, then encouraging his followers to do the same. This would be the perfect avenue for the show to explore how to use use the force and still have a family without falling to the dark side and keeping the dynamic duo together.

If Grogu didn't connect with another Jedi to come looking for him maybe he connected with someone or something else? Perhaps he interacted with the Force itself and decided his path whether it means staying with Mando or not. Maybe he interacted with a Force Ghost of a fallen Jedi from anyone to Anakin, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, or even a Jedi from the far past like the Old Republic. There are several other Jedi who have survived Order 66 that we have references to but no one that we've seen such as, Jedi Master Oppon Rancisis, the mysterious Master Uvell, or Kira Vantala who had saved Jedi Children from the Inquisitors. Another candidate is Empatojayos Brand is a Jedi Knight who survived Order 66 but most importantly his former Jedi Master was Yaddle (who is the same species as Yoda and Grogu), so maybe Brand will be able to provide some more information or the special skills their species can perform with the Force?

I know the hardcore fans out there believe that it will be Ezra Miller but given the context of Ahsoka's dialogue it still seems like she is searching for him and Thrawn. Even if Ezra has been found by now you would think he is also trying to stop Thrawn or she would at least have contact or tell Mando who he is looking for. For that reason I believe we will get a Jedi that we are not expecting or a new character the ending of this season looks to be massive as it seems Mando is pulling in a whole team for the rescue of Grogu.

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