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How will the Young Avengers come together to save the MCU

Lets start off by saying there is a ton of new characters that the MCU will be incorporating for Phase 4 and 5, and unless the MCU has a plan for more than one team of young heroes, could very well be the largest project to date. Considering the rumor from insider Daniel Richtman, claiming that Young Avengers will be the most expensive MCU streaming exclusive yet and the current budget for Disney+ Shows is $25 Million an episode, I'm going to guess we will be getting at least 12 episodes and possibly 40-45 minute episodes. The question is how will it start, will the remaining Avengers go missing? Assuming this takes place after Hawkeye's series and Dr. Strange's Multiverse of Madness, I am going guess there are some Avengers in training who now live at the Avengers compound as they are being trained to take their place one day.

Kate Bishop

Kate comes from a rich family but is not fond of her families wealth, one day she follows her Father to a rather sketchy place and she is kidnapped and held for ransom. She attempts to escape and as she does the Avengers swoop in to save her, most notably among them Hawkeye. She looks up to Hawkeye for being a normal person holding his own amongst super powered heroes and Gods and he becomes her role model. From a young age she was a loner and tended not to lean on others for support as such she became as stubborn and blunt as her teacher. It will be exciting to see how Steinfeld crafts her character as Kate is as clever as she is precise but she also inherited her Mentor's practicality for problem solving. Although Kate doesn't have any powers she is trained by Hawkeye to become a Olympic class archer and martial artist before taking the mantle from him.

Lets speculate that in the Hawkeye series is about Clint training Kate (played by Hailee Steinfeld) to become the new Hawkeye so can retire again, so she is either already an Avenger or hasn't joined yet on her own accord. If Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop is anything like the character we saw in the new DLC for the Avengers video game, then I am excited to see that same level (or better) of charm, grit and sassiness.

Maximoff Twins... Wait Again?

Wiccan and Speed, now if these characters are to be included in the MCU we'll be getting some weird twists from Wandavision. Such as how her twins are conceived in the first place. In the comics Wanda (subconsciously) uses 2/5ths of Mephisto's soul to make herself pregnant.

The twins are re-absorbed by Mephisto but are somehow reborn into the world as Billy Kaplan (Wiccan) who can utilize magic similar to his mother and Thomas Shepherd (Speed) who seemingly inherited his Uncle Quicksilver's super speed. They could appear as part of the main story much like in the comics being the first recruits for Iron Lad's new Avengers team, or they could be introduced in later episodes. Who knows if we will get to see Wiccan and Speed in Wandavision or if they have yet to be cast but they also could be pulled into the MCU from a different Multiverse.


Last year, Hulking aka Theodore "Teddy" Altman was also rumored to be apart of Wandavision and if that serves true he could be introduced as an agent of SWORD. Teddy was raised by a single mother and knew nothing about his father until one day Super Skrull follows him to Wiccan's house (where Teddy's mother was waiting to pick him up), at which point Super Skrull aims a device aimed to bring out Teddy's true form. Teddy and his mother are trapped in the beam revealing that Teddy and herself are also Skrulls. Super Skrull calls her a traitor but she tells him that she was ordered to protect Teddy by the Empress, Super Skrull responds by accidently killing her. Super Skrull then goes on to reveal during the Kree-Skrull War he had abducted Captain Mar-Vell, Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver, presenting them to the Skrull Emperor Dorek VII, all three would eventually escape but not before his daughter Princess Anelle would conceive a child with Mar-Vell.

The new born child is immediately marked for death by the Emperor and The Empress advises Ms. Altman to smuggle the child safely to Earth in order to save her childs life. Super Skrull tries to bring Teddy back with him to unify the Skrull but Kree soldiers show up and a battle erupts.

This could work perfectly into one of the earlier episodes of the show maybe Teddy and Wiccan were out late on their first date and Teddy's mom has a watchful eye on him so she makes friends with Wiccans parents to wait for them to get back and as they do Super Skrull appears. Obviously there could be a few changes like using a different Skrull like Talos, instead of Super Skrull but then again it would be a great chance to introduce him since we are getting the Fantastic Four movie next year and he has all of their powers. Even more interesting is the future prospects that could be in development since we already have the Skrulls gaining a larger presences in the MCU following their debut in Captain Marvel and future projects like Nick Fury's secret invasion. Teddy can fit in perfectly into a build up event as the heroes prepare for a Space Adventure (maybe season 2?) much like the recent Empyre event where Hulkling is crowned King and creates an alliance between the Skrulls and the Krees, just saying it'd be awesome.

Young Avengers made their first official debut in 2005, the story kicked off with 16 year old Nathaniel Richards who is from a different Multiverse set in the 30th century. One day, Kang the Conqueror appears before him and shows Nathaniel that his fate is inevitable and he will become Kang when he gets older. Nathaniel panics and in an attempt to avoid his fate, he flees into the past. This storyline would work really well since we have already seen Time Travel in the MCU but we are also getting the Multiverse and maybe the MCU heroes opened up a portal that allows Nathaniel to travel to the current timeline. Since in the comics he goes back to a time where the Avengers were recently disbanded (or at least in the MCU they are not as united as they once were) this could work perfectly as setting up Kang the Conqueror (to be played by Jonathan Majors) having his eyes set on ruling the entire Multiverse and the MCU stands in his way.

Nathaniel manages to find Vision's memories and downloads them, thus finding a Young Avengers program that finds young heroes to become the next generation of Avengers in the case that the current team died or was disbanded. This could work in the MCU perfectly if Kang followed Nathaniel and abducts the current adult Avengers from the MCU, leaving Nathaniel to become Iron Lad and recruiting Young Avengers.


Elijah Bradley also known as Patriot has been confirmed to appear in Falcon and the Winter Soldier - he is the grandson of Isaiah Bradley who is also known for being the Black Captain America. When Ironlad is looking for recruits to create a new Avengers team he approaches Eli looking for his Uncle Josiah X, however Josiah X has been out of contact with the family and Eli offers to join Ironlad stating that he received the Super Soldier serum as a result of blood transfusion from his grandfather Isaiah Bradley, who is also known for being the Black Captain America created after Captain America's disappearance.

This turns out to be a lie as he began using the drug known as Mutant Growth Hormone in order to give himself powers. This could play out as a great minor story plot for the Young Avengers trying to stop the drug cartel giving people powers meanwhile one their own is utilizing it himself to be amongst them. It wouldn't be until using his own body as a shield in order to protect Captain America from a spray of bullets would he get a blood transfusion from his grandfather finally turning him into a Super Soldier.


Cassie Lang and Ghost could also make an appearence and becomes members of the team in earlier epsiodes. Ant-Man and the Wasp did a great job setting both characters up and who knows what to expect from Ant-Man 3. As far as Ghost goes, she could be saved for a Thunderbolts movie/show that focuses on a team of reformed villains trying to be now be heroes. Cassie Lang is reportedly going to have a role a larger role in the next film which seems to be a given considering rising star Kathryn Newton is now set to be Cassie Lang (formerly played by Emma Fuhrmann in Endgame). So how does Cassie become Stature? Well maybe she learned from her Dad and swipes his suit or maybe Hope wins Step-Mom of the year and makes Cassie her own suit altogether. Since Ant-Man isn't officially an Avenger (although following Endgame I'm sure he has an invitation) maybe Cassie will get an invite in his place as he looks to settle down.

So where would she best fit well if this were to appear in an early episode given some characters getting swapped around the comics already has a great template for the MCU to go off of as Iron Lad, Hulkling, Wiccan and Speed initially formed the Young Avengers and after undergoing several weeks of traning the Young Avengers were tasked with certain missions. During their second mission they were tasked with saving guests at Susan Bishop's wedding but only managed to be taken hostage themselves until they are saved by a bridesmaid Kate Bishop. Following the attack at the Wedding Cassie Lang shows up at the hospital and talks Kate into tracking down the Young heroes. They eventually find them at the old Avengers Mansion and the girls invite themselves on to the team.

Ms. America

Xochitl Gomez is set to play as America Chavez in the upcoming Dr. Strange Multiverse of Madness. Chavez is was raised by her Mother in a Utopian Parallel realm that consists out of time and in the presence of a being known as Demiurge.

It seems Chavez absorbed her superpowers from this realm, she has superhuman strength, speed, durability, she can fly, kick star shaped holes in reality and even travel through different dimensions. She eventually runs away from her home so she can become a hero and I am assuming this is where the character will be found by Dr. Strange in his film. How could she be incorporated into the Young Avengers? Well maybe Dr. Strange brings her to Avengers compound to be taken care of by Wanda and Vision or maybe she keeps popping around until Iron Lad puts a beacon calling for heroes that she follows to the MCU.

The next Black Widow

Since Black Widow's solo film has yet to be released due to COVID, there are still a few interesting tidbits that we can gather in how this could affect Phase 4. We know that Florence Pugh will be reprising her role as Yelena Belova in the Hawkeye series following her debut in the Black Widow film.

Yelena was trained in the same Red Room to be a Spy/Assassin in the Red Room similar to Natasha Romanoff in their younger days. Since Black Widow is set in 2016 and likely Natasha has put Yelena on a better path suggesting she could have known Clint for quite awhile and perhaps even before he begins mentoring Kate. This could set up Kate and Yelena to already be friends and maybe they are the ones who begin to assemble the Young Avengers.

Kid Loki

There was rumors last year that Marvel was looking to cast a Young Loki, but there was also rumors of a female Loki. For starters Loki is dead but in the comics he does manipulate Hela (who is still alive) to take his name from the Book of Hel so he is reborn instead of dying.

Upon rebirth who loses his memories of his past life and perhaps this could be part of the storyline that Thor: Love & Thunder gives us as Thor looks to save his brother (since Loki has a lot of enemies) or at least find his lost brother to give him the opportunity to redeem himself. On the other hand maybe its a different influence that turns him into a kid as we did see the Time Authority in the trailers for Disney+ Loki and they view this a way to punish Loki by de-aging himself. How would he fit in the Young Avengers well what if he wants to make amends for the wrong he did and now want to help save Earth in the absence of the Avengers that he once tried to destroy.

Peter Parker?

Considering Tony Stark did give Peter EDITH and he also crowned him as an Avenger, so maybe this was all intended for him to replace Iron Man for the next generation of Avengers. Although Tom Holland's stardom has soared since he became Spider-Man but he does love the role. Given the rise in popularity for streaming and MCU's commitment to Disney+ content I am sure if Marvel wants him in the Young Avengers he will be in it or at least as a cameo.

There are a lot of options and route this series could take and even more characters they could use. Considering there is also Ms. Marvel and Riri Williams who will also be getting their own Disney+ Series as well and they could also appear in the Young Avengers. I think there is a good chance they are saving some of the young heroes for a different project like perhaps a Champions Movie or Disney+ show? Considering the next wave of heroes promises an array of youth and diversity, Marvel Studios is doing their best work to diversify and appeal to a wide range of audiences and as many fans old and new as possible. Let us know who or what you are the most excited to see. Thanks for the all the support fellow Nerds.

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