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What will the Book of Boba Fett be about and what characters could be returning to try and kill him?

The Book of Boba Fett is set to release on December 29th starring Temuera Morrison who is reprising his role as Boba Fett and Ming-Na Wen also returning as Fennec Shand. Robert Rodriguez will be returning to Star Wars to direct the series as he had directed the Mandalorian season 2 (Chapter 14: The Tragedy). Inspiration for certain events for this series had to have been drawn from 2 earlier (non-cannon) Star Wars books from the 90's, the first being Tales from Jabba's Palace and Tales of the Bounty Hunter; both books were a collection of short stories by various authors that detailed the lives of lesser known characters and gave us new takes on the same story.

How did Boba Fett escape the Sarlaac Pit?

In the book Tales from Jabba's Palace, one of the last stories recounts Boba Fett's experience inside of the Sarlaac Pit, while inside Fett is spoken to telepathically by one of its first victims Susejo. He tells Fett how the Sarlaac is not a conscious creature, however it does retain some memories of those it has digested. Susejo tells stories of how other victims had been digested slowly and even recounts a Jedi that the Sarlaac had once eaten and recounts their attempt at escape.

Fett ignores this conversationalist the best he can as he plans his own escape. Luckily for Fett his Beskar armor provides him enough time to plan an escape, Fett learns that Susejo can influence the Sarlaac just enough and convinces him to use that influence to have the Sarlaac to grab for his Jet Pack. The Jet Pack explodes and the Sarlaac loosens its grip on Fett enough so he can throw a few concussion grenades and with that manages to barely escape and then has to walk miles through the dessert.

It's likely the series will explain or give us a flashback of Fett's miraculous escape from the Sarlaac Pit and its not unreasonable to assume the method in which he escapes is the same as it was in the book.

Although it would be highly surprising if they kept Susejo apart of the escape story because it seems like a bit of a stretch. So the next question that begs asking is, what has Fett been doing for the past 9 years since he escaped the Sarlaac Pit and how does that play into the plot of the series if at all? During his exhaustingly long walk in the dessert was he picked up Tusken Raiders or Jawas, likely stripped of his army, imprisoned or sold into slavery? Seems likely because as we know from the Mandalorian he is without his Armor for 9 years; so has he been off-world this whole time and just made it back to Tatooine after learning there was Beskar armor there or has he been imprisoned this whole time and only recently escaped?

What interest does Boba have in taking over the Hutt Empire?

Another question we will have answered will be what happened to the Hutt Empire as a whole following the death of Jabba and the fall of the Empire? Considering they are a large formidable opponent in Star Wars who is known for having a vast dominion over Hyperspace routes in and around the Outer Rim. Assumedly Jabba's death created an enormous power vacuum as Jabba had influence over much of the Galaxies Underworld, which included the highly sought after spice trade from the planet Kessel. Whether the Hutts still have dominion over Tatooine or not, the question is do they still hold same level of influence in the Galaxy as the New Republic begins to expands it's influence.

With Jabba's death it left trade routes unguarded by hired mercenaries and meant that more shipments were vulnerable to being hijacked. Did Bib Fortuna take over Jabba's place and if so does he still answer to the Hutt Empire or was this his own enterprise? What we recently just found out in Star Wars comics War of the Bounty Hunter event which is considered canon, Darth Vader kills all of the current Grand Hutt Council with the exception of Jabba. This recent development (if it is in fact Canon) opens a variety of creative directions that we could now see such as the Hutts rebuilding their power or desperately trying not to lose it. In the Star Wars: The Bad Batch, the Clones deliver a young Rancor named Muchi back to Tattooine to non-other than Fortuna himself (the Rancor that Luke Skywalker killed was named Pateesa). So we can assume its possible we eventually see an Adult version of Muchi in the Book of Boba Fett (especially since it was rumored that we would be seeing Boba Fett riding a Rancor).

On that note......

Why was the Bad Batch even created into it's own series (other than spinning-off Clone Wars and Filoni loved these characters) but I personally believe the main reason was to create Omega. Considering at the time of the Book of Boba Fett series, Omega would right around the same age as her brother Boba Fett as they are the only two clones that aged normally. When they eventually meet it would be fascinating to see them facing off and then forcefully having Boba Fett and Omega work together; and just maybe Omega is the character that Brie Larson is set to play?

Another recent rumor even stated that there is a new Star Wars series in development featuring a force-sensitive bounty hunter on the run from the Inquisitors which if is in fact about Omega, would take place after the Bad Batch but still several years before the Book of Boba Fett. Omega could then appear in this series making her live-action debut to build hype for her own spin-off series or movie.

Assuming in the series that Boba Fett takes over the current faction leftover following the death of Jabba the Hutt, what else can we expect from the series? Star Wars Rebels makes no mentions of the Hutts with the exception of Ezra making fun of Agent Kallus when Ezra refers to himself as Jabba the Hutt and no references in Star Wars Resistance either. If the Hutt's do still have a major influence in the Galaxy, one can assume that they will be hiring numerous Bounty Hunter's to take down Boba Fett.

Bounty Hunter War?

By far the most interesting and exciting character we can hope to see make a live-action appearance would be Cad Bane. Bane had been hired by the Hutt's before so it would make sense they would utilize his skills once more. Bane is considered one of the best Bounty Hunters right up there with Boba Fett, Bane is a Duros who gave himself certain cybernetics like a metal head plate as well as removable breathing tubes. Why? Well its likely due to the fact he was highly proficient in hunting Jedi's and therefore sought after by the Sith and hired on numerous occasions, in the event he was ever Force choked he would still be able to breathe in order to gain the upper hand. He would also be a great addition to the series because of his past experience when he was hired to kidnap and return Omega to Kamino but was thwarted by fellow hunter Fennec Shand.

Bossk another highly likely character to make an appearance in the Book of Boba Fett would be non-other than the Trandoshan Bossk, who actually appeared in Empire Strikes Back alongside Boba Fett. Bossk became one of the deadliest Bounty Hunters in Star Wars after receiving Galaxy wide reputation for his skill in hunting Wookiees (his species natural enemy). Bossk typically uses a mortar gun but is also very adapt at hand to hand combat, not only that he has also has the ability to regenerate lost limbs combined with his Trandoshan infrared vision. He also utilizes dioxis grenades and proximity mines so he is not the one you want to find hunting you. Bossk also highly believes in the Bounty Hunter code and cares more about the current contract then he does with politics or money, even carrying more about the hunt then the money for the contract which makes him a deadly adversary to appear in this series.

Dengar is another Bounty Hunter that the Hutts often contracted for employment, he was a Corellian Human most notable for his white headwear wrappings. He is skilled hand to hand competitor but often relied on a sniper rifle to complete his contracts. Dengar did also appear in Empire Strikes Back alongside the other Bounty Hunters, considering he would be a little older now we don't expect to see him in the series for any large roles unless he's on Sniper duty. A little extra research into his character suggests that at some point he became full unrecognizable after undergoing many cybernetic implants in an attempt to remain a top tier Bounty Hunter, and considering his Fett beat him out for Solo, he surely will want a little revenge on Fett.

IG-88 is unlikely to appear only because we already saw him make an appearance in the Mandalorian but that doesn't mean another IG-88 unit couldn't show up. I also doubt we will see Zuckuss and 4-Lom appear as well despite their original appearance in Empire Strikes Back there are just better options out there. Sugi and Embo are two other characters we are unlikely to appear but we would love to see them make an appearance in this series simply for aesthetics alone and because of their fighting styles.

What about Han Solo's return? I mean we already have seen Mark Hamill return as Luke Skywalker, so why not also have Harrison Ford make a one episode cameo for a rematch considering the last story in Tales of the Bounty Hunter is a Solo vs. Fett duel that takes place after the fall of the Empire.

If they didn't bring back Harrison Ford perhaps they could have Alden Ehrenreich return as Han Solo. If they did utilize Ehrenreich, they could even use that as set up to establish the return of Emilia Clarke's Qi'ra as a major villain as we saw hinted at the end of the movie Solo (if she doesn't already have a huge Underworld presence that is).

An alternative opponent that Fett could face off against would be Chewbacca or even Donald Glover's Lando Calrissian and considering a Lando series has been in development at Lucasfilms this would be a great jumping off point!

Other questions we are looking for to be answered?

How does Boba Fett feel about his "brother" clones or does he not consider them the same as himself? If that is the case what would Fett think of Omega, who he has to meet at some point or another. We know that Rex is still alive because we saw him in Rebels and he is also set to appear in the Ahsoka series (which takes place in roughly the same year) which is slated for next year. So will we Fett make reference or even speak with his fellow clones or will it just be teased for Season 2?

Considering Robert Rodriguez's style from his past works like Planet Terror, Alita: Battle Angel, and Machete, you can expect some new over the top characters and stunts and what better to have that for then a series about Bounty Hunters. Let us know who you would want to see make an appearance in this show or anyone we could have possibly missed!

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