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What's the point of Black Panther 2?

With the unfortunate passing of Chadwick Boseman. Marvel and Disney is honoring his memory by making tribute to the late great actor. That being said it also forces Marvel Studios to reconsider the entire franchise going forward because Black Panther and Wakanda are too important to the MCU to just not make a second film. Considering Boseman was planning on still acting in the second film, Marvel should be considering a breathe taking honorable way to give his character an off screen death (or hopefully if the family's okay with it, a scene showing even if its quick with CGI or in costume). This is where it gets difficult for Marvel though and lets say the family and all parties involved are okay with it the scenes. What's something that leaves his impact on Wakanda and the MCU? We know recent rumors claim Shuri taking over the Mantle of Black Panther, which is the best thing to do and likely what Marvel's initial plan was for Black Panther 3 or 4 anyways. What is the best way to honor the series going forward do you make it about Shuri helping fufill T'Challa's dreams? Is it about Wakanda? Or the people and the loss of their King?

Idea 1: T'Challa could go off to Space saving Earth from a meteor or a different rumored upcoming threat like Galactus, Annillus, Silver Surfer or the now confirmed Kang the Conqueror.

They even had this in the comics where Shuri had to become the Black Panther until his return. This is a fun idea too because say Marvel wants to keep T'Challa for namesake reason what if he ends up on a planet for a few (Earth) years and so possibly he aged faster on that planet and when returning is now decades older. You can recast him as an older actor and do him the honor maybe even using this concept for Phase 6 and using an older Denzel Washington.

Idea 2: Dr. Doom

With a few rumors floating around about possible CGI of Chadwick Boseman maybe this would be a interesting idea to see.  So we clearly know everyone wants Vibranium in the MCU. Yes Wakanda is sharing their technology now but as Shuri says in Black Panther 1, the technology is all powered by Vibranium so whether it's someone taking all this technology from less fortunate countries or they sneak into Wakanda and steal some of it. King T'Challa would feel responsible and obligated to have it returned and when it doesn't work through peaceful negotiations leading to the Black Panther to go get it back himself. Victor Von Doom would expect this before even making the move to steal the Vibranium. Also it would be an amazing scene to see Wakanda's backdrop all of a sudden begin to fill up with Doombots as all the tension of war begins to set in on the people of Wakanda.

Its unfortunate we wouldn't get to see T'Challa's character arc fulfilled (except through Shuri) but by doing so the entire MCU has been warned Doom is here and what better way to give praise to Boseman than being slain by Marvels best villain.

Idea 3: Namor

You may recall Atlantis being shown in Iron Man 2, or the more subtle hints at in Avengers Endgame. It's pretty clear Marvel wants to get Namor out there and with the return of the Fox rights movies why not? Some consider him the first mutant, half human, half Atlantian, why not introduce him here especially since Marvel is trying to diversify. Where do humans dump their garbage? In the Ocean which is basically into Atlantis' backyard and they could be planning revenge on the whole world but they probably need some help first. Add a second villain that fits like preferably Doom and they go after Wakanda's Vibranium and technology. All Namor would need is something to push a tectonic plate and say sink a country to send the world a message or making the air toxic to humans but I mean its Wakanda who knows what kind of technology they have that we haven't seen.

Idea 4: Killmonger

This could happen in two ways. Its been rumored that Michael B. Jordan will appear in Black Panther 2.Which hoping for the weight of the first film, they keep him dead. Why not bring a slightly different Killmonger over via the multiverse or better yet. With T'Challa passing away Shuri becomes overwhelmed and depressed by the lost of her brother and on top of that she's know forced to become Black Panther lead her people. She searches the ancestral plane for T'Challa to find out who was responsible for his death, to get some advice or just to talk to him one last time. She does not find him instead only finding Killmonger, it'd be interesting to see him able to talk to her inside her head or even see and communicate with his spirit in the real world. Most likely mocking her sense of justice and mercy.

If you want to get really weird and there's no feasibly satisfying way to write out the character another interesting idea is to have T'Challa become stuck in Killmongers body. Michael B. Jordan can do anything so as weird as it may sound this is still comic book material. If you think about it by the amount of screen time, Shuri was probably getting about 25% as more of a side character so with her taking up the mantle of Black Panther someone else has to fill her screentime. You can go more Dark Knight where we got 2 villains with a lot of screen time and it works out fleshing their backstories thoroughly. Or you fill it with other cast members already established, preferably M'Baku getting a bigger role as well as Okoye, but definitely not W'Kabi (nothing against Daniel Kaluuya) because he should be in prison. The dude actively chose to rebel against his King (also his bestfriend) for a guy he didn't know then watched him get thrown off a waterfall or maybe he knew all along T'Challa would survive I don't know... I mean I guess what are friends for... if not to push us? Regardless I am hyped for the potential of the film, I wish we could have been able to have Chadwick Boseman in it but lets just hope he's given the respect he deserves by making it a great film.

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