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What does Venom's Post Credit Scene mean for the future of Sony, Spider-Man and the MCU?

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Spoiler Alert for Venom 2 Post Credit Scene if you have not watched yet and do not want Spoilers come back once you've seen it, you've been warned!


All that matters is the Post-Credits scene.

In the Post-Credits scene, Eddie Brock gets warped to a different Multiverse which just so happens to be the MCU as they see the news that Peter Parker is Spider-Man.

Does this imply that we will see Eddie/Venom in the MCU? Most likely not because Marvel is unlikely to allow Venom to be considered .MCU canon. It does mean inevitably we will be seeing Spider-Man and Venom cross paths once again on the big-screen sooner than later. It begs the question will Tom Hardy's Venom appear in Spider-Man 4 (it's highly unlikely he will appear in No Way Home at this point) or will Venom 3 include Spider-Man? Or even better than that a Spider-Man and Venom crossover movie and considering there have been rumors for over a year now that the idea has been tossed around it seems like the most viable option.

So what can we expect next?

Remember that Marvel does not own the Studio rights to Spider-Man (and character) and although he is in the MCU that was only because the two studios negotiated for it to be the case. Both Sony and Marvel will have to renegotiate again to keep him in the MCU following Spider-Man: No Way Home (unless a deal has been completed that hasn't made it to the public). In addition to that the post-credits scene seems to allude one of three possibilities.

1. Marvel will continue to assist Sony in developing certain Spider-Man movies (and hopefully now Venom) thus allowing certain characters to make appearances in the MCU but not participate in larger MCU events or perhaps they now could?

2. Sony is likely using this Post-Credits scene to kick off their 'Sony's Spider-Man Universe,' meaning that Sony and Marvel's deal to keep Spider-Man in the MCU has taken a turn for the worst and Sony is building out there own universe now.

3. Marvel and Sony has decided to essentially lend out character rights. Sony controls all of Spider-Man related characters, but they cannot be referenced or included in the MCU. Stretching back to my Spider-Man article from last year there was rumors of more cross studio sharing of Sony's characters to the MCU but also Marvel allowing some of their unused characters to appear in Sony’s Universe and thanks to the Multiverse some characters can even appear in both Sony's and Marvel's Universe.

Perhaps though this is Marvel's plan and by allowing Venom and Morbius to appear in the MCU (even if its temporary) they are also likely using that as leverage in negotiating for the use of other individual characters that can appear in the MCU outside of Sony's influence. Such as an alternative Venom or more likely, Norman Osborn who has long been rumored to know own Avengers Tower following Tony Stark's death. With that being said perhaps Val is recruiting on Osborns behalf and he could possibly lead the Dark Avengers donning his Iron Patriot suit as he did in the comics.

So what is Sony's next big move?

Michael Morbius is a Biochemist suffering from a rare blood disease, while developing a cure something goes wrong with the experiment and he inadvertently injects himself with a form of vampirism. Morbius will be played by Jared Leto and releasing on January 28, 2002 this upcoming year. It seems like it will be following the path of Venom 1 and it appears to be self contained but who know they could surprise us and maybe Morbius was also transported to the MCU or maybe this is just his universe's Spider-Man? Or perhaps it will be in the MCU because not only is Michael Keaton confirmed to be returning as Adrian Toomes AKA Vulture but Tyrese Gibson has stated very specifically that the Morbius film will be apart of the MCU. Although Sony came out to deny this that was back in June when they were trying to keep this Venom 2 post credits scene from getting revealed, it would be interesting to see how they would answer the question now.

Speaking of other Spider heroes across the multiverse, there is confirmation that Olivia Wilde is Directing a 'Spider-Woman' movie that was announced last year, although it has not been confirmed if it will be featuring Jessica Drew or Gwen Stacy. Whether Sony is building up to Spider-Ghost Movie featuring the Multiverse or Jessica Drew getting her own film, it seems as though Marvel's Head Boss Kevin Feige is undoubtedly involved as Wilde had this to say in an interview with Entertainment Weekly in September of 2020 and she said "All I can say is that this is by far the most exciting thing that's happened to me because not only do I get to tell a story that – listen to me, trying to avoid Kevin Feige's pellet gun."

With Spider-Man: No Way Home looking to explore the multiverse it perfectly sets up the introduction for Peter Parker to meet Gwen Stacy, Venom and maybe even Madame Web. An interesting note is Kevin Feige has expressed his love for Ghost-Spider (AKA Gwen Stacy AKA Spider-Gwen) and a recent rumor (take it with a grain of salt even if you don't want to like us) suggests there he has a plan to utilize her in two upcoming movies that being Spider-Man 4 and Spider-Woman.

If Gwen Stacy was to return it could be because of the Multiverse and it could mean (if these rumors are true) that Marvel is helping Sony build up to a Spider-Verse move that will see numerous Spider-Man's working together to defeat Morlun, a psychic vampire that feeds off the life force of different (multiverse) Spider-Man's to survive. Considering in the most recent comics Spider-Ghost (AKA Gwen Stacy) has the ability to travel to the main universe the 616 and return to her home this could be set up in her own film with her then traveling to other multiverses to recruit numerous Spider-Mans which could even include Miles Morales.

Why is she called Ghost-Spider? Since there was already Spider-Woman (in the 616), Gwen decides she needs a new name. Considering how so many of her multiverse counterparts are dead, as if "Death loves Gwen Stacy," she decides to adopt her name as "Ghost-Spider."

This is speculation until the main question is answered of whether Olivia Wilde's project is Gwen Stacy or Jessica Drew and if its the former is the MCU trying to get Ghost Spider's character rights for their own projects? Given that in the comics, Gwen Stacy becomes the Spider hero of her universe but she ultimately lose her powers for a short time before regaining them via a Symbiote and then ultimately gaining the technology to travel to different Multiverses. What would be interesting though is if Spider-verse happens in a live-action film will we see Gwen Stacy appearing in front of Andrew Garfield's Amazing Spider-Man (since we last saw his Gwen Stacy die) this would be a heart wrenching worthwhile scene and with the Multiverse you can bring back Emma Stone but from a timeline where she is the Spider-Man/Spider-Woman of her universe.

So if its not Gwen Stacy that Kevin Feige wants its got to be Jessica Drew Jessica Drew (AKA Spider-Woman) who is a SHIELD/HYDRA/SWORD agent with multiple sets of powers and abilities including Superhuman strength, speed, durability, reflexes, and senses, she can glide/fly, has Pheromone manipulation, Bio-electric energy projection and Venom blasts. She just like She-Hulk was created and copyrighted by Marvel just so the rival competition (DC) couldn't use them but unlike She-Hulk, Jessica Drew has no real correlation to Spider-Man.

Her character rights are owned by Sony for namesake alone, meaning Sony can depict Jessica Drew as Spider-Woman but the rights themselves fall under the same tent pole as Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch where she couldn't be called a Mutant in the MCU because at the time Fox owned the Studio rights but she was also a longtime Avenger in the Comics so they could use her in that regard) thus Marvel can use Jessica Drew but without any Spider-Man-related elements so the ruling on that is very ambiguous and I'm sure Marvel would love to use her character.

In addition to Spider-Man, Venom and Morbius films, Sony is also currently developing a Kraven the Hunter Movie, Silk TV-Show. Even a Madame Web and a Spider-Man 2099 movie has been rumored but these are less likely (for now). A film featuring Black Cat and Silver Sable was announced but has since been cancelled as well as Spike Lee's rumored Nightwatch movie; and we all know Sony scrapped their plans for a Sinister Six movie a couple years ago (which seems to being utilized in No Way Home).

Potential for Blasts from the Past?

When rumors were flying last year about Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield returning for Spider-Man: No Way Home an interesting rumor popped up that Sony was not only trying to get the actors to cameo for the film but Sony was also (allegedly) offering them new starring roles so that they could return in their own film franchises as Spider-Man (or TV series).

So where does the Sony universe heading next? Well until we Spider-Man: No Way Home comes out or we start hearing leaks regarding Marvel and Sony's Spider-Man deal we are just speculating but it appears both studios have a lot to of material to work with so the potential for great films is there. So what's next? Surprisingly we still have no rumors of a Live-Action Miles Morales anytime soon but before that we still have Spider-Verse which it can build up Avengers style and pigback off of Into the Spider-Verse 2. Another incredible story that Marvel has gifted Sony is Donny Cates recent Venom comic book that has just ended.

With the last scene of Venom 2, we saw Venom overload Eddie's mind with knowledge so hopefully Sony is clever enough to take advantage of one of Marvel Comics newest and greatest Villains, Knull the God of Darkness and creator of the Symbiotes. The King in Black series is considered one of the greatest Marvel comic book events of late and it would be a complete waste for Sony to not utilize this Story and Into the Spider-Verse. Let us know who or what you are most excited to see going forward?

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