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What can we expect from Ahsoka and what old friends could make an appearence

Following Ashoka Tano's debut in The Mandalorian, she will be appearing in her own Disney+ series (likely to release in early-mid 2021) with rumors of receiving her own movie as well! Since no additional information as been revealed on what the show will be about specifically, let's contemplate on the few clues we have gathered and what characters we are expected to see. Ashoka approaches Morgan Elsbath requesting information. Eslbath says people will suffer and die unless Ahsoka surrenders herself; Asoka responds by giving her a day to decide and walks away. Here we can make an assumption that since she chose to walk away and not save those people, she still does not consider herself a Jedi. However, there is a possibility that she could be a Gray Jedi, a Gray Jedi is a force user who has trained in both light and dark side of the Force. Since there is a large gap in time where the series and movie could explore following the battle with Ashoka's former master, now known as Darth Vader, or it could dive further into the events after Rebels ended and before searching for Ezra.

There is a chance Ahsoka sought out what led Anakin to the Dark side and attempted to gain either more knowledge or techniques in order to understand her former Master's transition to the Dark side. More than likely she sought out learning about both sides of the Force and eventually she learned of Tython (where she directed Djinn to bring Grogu), potentially this is when she could have connected with ancient Jedi's of the past to deepen her knowledge of the Force. Ahsoka could have learned information regarding the ancient forbidden techniques of dark and light side through the High Republic, Sith Wars, Old Republic, Sith, Jedaii, and Jedi Sith Wars. This could work magnificently in regards to expanding the Star Wars universe, introducing High Republic into canon by referencing force items and powers from the past and tying this series into the new High Republic film.

So where does the show begin though? Assuming Ahsoka is most likely still pursuing Admiral Thrawn but is it for Ezra or to stop whatever Thrawn is planning? Well first lets briefly speculate what Thrawn could be doing (and next week I will dive into what his grand plans could be as it appears he is being set up like the MCU did with Thanos). Is he planning on restoring the Empire or is he seeking to create a new Empire headed under his own Authority? Or is he searching for Force Sensitive Relics as he did show a great fascination with them in Rebels and perhaps he is trying to deepen his knowledge of the force in order to use it to his advantage despite not being force sensitive. In Rebels when he was speaking with Ezra, he did remark that there are beings in the universe that are more powerful then force users, to what extent remains unknown, but he could be attempting to use these beings to his favor for whatever scheme he is planning.

Sabine Wren?

The character most fans were expecting and surprised she did not show up in the Mandalorian this past season, as it was highly suggested that Sasha Banks would be playing Sabine. Sabine was originally a cadet at the Imperial Academy of Mandalore where she built weapons of mass destruction, until she learned that those weapons were being used to subjugate and harm her people leading her to defect and eventually she was recruited by Hera and Kanan to join the Ghost Crew.

Sabine mainly relies on her explosives, her Mandalorian armor/jetpack and pistols but that is until she finds the Darksaber (which she later gives to Bo-Kataan) on Dathromir which she would wield in order to take back Mandalore from Deathwatch. She is then trained alongside (and also by) Ezra in ways to wield a Lightsaber despite not being a Jedi, but following Kanan's death it was revealed that she actually may be force-sensitive as Ezra tasked her with finding him following his Purgill run to save Lothal.


Garazeb Orrelios better known as Zeb was the cunning muscle of the crew, he is a Lasat who had witnessed the destruction of his homeworld Lasan.

Following Rebels we only know that he will most likely be hanging out with Alexsandr Kallus the former officer of the Imperial Security Bureau. As we last saw Zeb showing Kallus the the Lasat's were still alive and thriving on their new homeworld. I can see these two characters making an appearance in the series sooner than later unless there characters are being reserved for Star Wars: Rangers of the New Republic considering how much the two like to fight.


Well its pretty safe to assume at some point whenever Ahsoka needs an ace pilot she can always call on her favorite Twi'lek Hera.

She was the leader and and founder of the Rebels crew and one of the best pilots in the Star Wars universe. Although she and Kanan's son Jacen would be about 7-9 years old. So I can't imagine she and Jacen will be around for too many episodes she would most likely show up at least for the finale or when they find Ezra. Now considering the recent rumors that Hera could be getting a lead role for Star Wars: Rangers of the New Republic it could fit perfectly to see her make an appearance Ahsoka's show before getting added to the new series.

Commander Rex

It has also been confirmed that Commander Rex will be making his live action debut as well and considering he is probably Ahsoka's closest friend. I am pretty sure he will be appearing whenever she needs a little assistance with anything. This gives a lot of screen time for Temuera Morrison (who recently appeared as Boba Fett) because it is also rumored that Commander Cody will also be appearing alongside Obi-Wan. With so many rumored characters making the jump to live-action it begs the question who else could we see outside of the main characters from The Clone Wars or Rebels?

Cad Bane?

How interesting would it be to see Cad Bane show up once again as a bounty hunter or even just to steal something that Ahsoka is searching for. Bane has gone toe to toe with Ahsoka and Obi-Wan on more than one occasion and he is resilient as he is calculative. Bane could be hired to take down Ahsoka, and he could be even be hired by someone powerful in the new Republic; or better yet he could be hired to assassinate someone whom Ahsoka has sworn to protect.

Darth Maul's Apprentice?

Well the last we saw Darth Maul was in Rebels he was killed by his greatest rival Obi-Wan Kenobi, but just before that he was vehemently trying to recruit Ezra to the Dark-side, so maybe at some point he found a new apprentice that could be causing problems for the Republic but also Ahsoka. If this apprentice was a adamant and tactical as Maul was then we can expect him to have some major influence in the criminal underworld before making his presence known.

Assajj Ventress?

The last we saw her in Season 6 of the Clone Wars her and Ahsoka were in very similar situations. As Ventress was an enemy to the Sith as well as the Jedi, she reluctantly agrees to help out Ahsoka as she notices they are both outcasts and help one another escape from their pursuers. Ventress may still be bad but she has shown to not be explicitly evil so maybe she'll make her live-action appearance when Ahsoka finds some unsettling information and begins to track her down. Or possibly Ventress is being hunted by Cad Bane and needs Ahsoka's help? Either way we would love to see them expand on her character but also Dathromir and the Nightsisters (especially live action) and Ventress could even be used as a springboard to bring the Cal Kestis and Merrin into the series (or their own series).

So the biggest and most complicated part deciphering all of this is when does it take place? Is it before the events of the Mandalorian or will it take place after? Dave Filoni suggested that that could be the case but I am willing to bet that it will only be flashbacks and he mainly said that to throw us off but he did also suggest that the post credit events (of Ahsoka returning to Lothal to get Sabine as they look for Ezra) could take place after her Mandalorian appearance. Also I think its safe to say we will be seeing most of the Ghost crew make their live-action appearance whether it is in this series or Rangers of the New Republic. It seems as though Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau for the most part hold the keys to Star Wars and considering all the great story-telling we got from The Clone Wars and Rebels I am all on board. I would love to see these characters again even if its smaller cameo roles as we expand on the new characters they bring in to the fold I am more than happy to keep watching.

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