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Will Wanda Maximoff power's being strong enough to potentially resurrect her lost lover Vision?

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

WandaVision will be the first MCU show that will appear on Disney Plus starting in just 2 days. Marvel has released a few trailers for WandaVision but the plot itself still remains a mystery and they are doing their best to throw us off. The trailers have given us a few clues and a variety of characters so lets recap what we know so far about the show and what we might expect.

We know that the show will portray a variety of different eras of Television ranging from the Golden Era like I Love Lucy and The Dick Van Dyke to the 1960's with Bewitched or I Dream of Jeannie, and then into the 70's, 80's and 90's. The most interesting is that each decade will epitomize the structure and humor of sitcoms from each decade. It has been confirmed we will be getting some 4th Wall elements where the cast will be speaking to the audience just like in The Office and Modern Family's whether that is throughout the show or just in the later decades has yet to be revealed.

The Popular theory around the internet is that Wanda's powers will create a new multiverse after being grief stricken as she tries to live her life without Vision. We did see a little bit of Wanda's mind powers in Avengers: Age of Ultron as she casted spells on Tony Stark, Steve Rogers and Thor so perhaps she will be casting herself in this Dreamscape as well and as she envelopes herself more in, it her powers begin to grow expanding it into the real world.

So to recap the Avengers defeated Thanos and most likely picked up the glove and the remnants of the Infinity Stones to keep at the Avengers Facility for the 5 years since the blip. Vision was last seen at the end of Infinity War and most likely the Avengers brought back Vision's body to keep at the Avengers compound, where presumably Wanda is now living.

Wanda grieving over Vision, she uses her reality bending powers to enter a dreamscape of having the perfect life with Vision. Her powers could begin to grow as she is influenced by being near the remnants of Infinity Stones, particularly the Mind Stone that gave her powers in the first place and could still hold some of Visions soul within it. Her powers continue to grow until eventually she gets sucked into the Mind Stone and has to figure a way to restore the mind stone. How could this work and bring back Vision? Well considering Shuri was attempting to transfer his consciousness perhaps Wanda is just completing the process from within the Stone in order to save her lover.

The return of Monica Rambeau:

Teyonah Parris will be cast as Monica Rambeau in the series but it begs the question, was Monica Rambeau always involved in this show or was she used to fill in a character role? ? Well here's what Kevin Feige said “The notion of Monica Rambeau in this series was very natural; needing a particular type of role and a particular type of storytelling device, that at Marvel can become more than that if we make it a character that we know we have stories for.”

To me it sounds like they filled her into a role but given the fact that she has already appeared in Captian Marvel played by Akira Akbar. Assuming WandaVision picks up right after EndGame in 2023, she would now be 30 years old (counting her being blipped out 35 if she wasn't blipped). Here is what Parris had to say about it, "[Monica has] definitely been through some things and seen some things. We actually do get to learn, particularly, what those things are that Monica has seen and gone through and how they have shaped her life. I don't want to give too much away because we will actually touch a lot of that as we go through the show."

It sounds like she is going to be a character who has been involved in some darker adventures which would make sense if SWORD ends up being like HYDRA or even SHIELD. Considering as an 11 year old in Captain Marvel, she witnessed the Skrulls shape shifting and encouraged her Mom to help them, its no surprise that she'd be apart of Shield or another major faction in the MCU when she grew up. My best guess is she will be getting her powers from the Mind Stone just like Wanda did at some point in this show. In the comics, she can absorb and transform her body into any form of energy within the electromagnetic spectrum, and can do a variety of things ranging from flying, invisibility, energy absorption, and energy blasts. She will be assumingly be one of the primary antagonists at the beginning of the show as she will be the primary agent investigating on behalf of SWORD as they try to secure Wanda, Vision or the Infinity Stones or even stopping the chaos that Wanda is causing in the real world.


So we have confirmation of certain characters returning to the MCU in the trailers and is Jimmy Woo (played by Randall Park in Ant-Man Wasp) Darcy Lewis (played by Kat Dennings in Thor 1 and 2) and Monica Rambeau as SWORD agents. Let's also consider that SWORD stands for Sentient World Observation and Response Department and the last time we saw Nick Fury he was on vacation in Space in the post credits scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home, so maybe its a subset of Shield. Or maybe SWORD is just an independent organization that built their presence during the 5 year blip, or even just the new HYDRA.

Will the cast be experiencing some Nightmares?

Nightmare is primarily a Dr. Strange villain and in fact his oldest enemy, having both made their debut in Strange Tales #110 in 1963. Nightmare cannot be killed as long as their are people dreaming. and if Wanda is dreaming while in the Mind Stone it could allow Nightmare to enter the human world for the first time. He is the Ruler of the Nightmare realm of the dream dimension and can travel to the waking world but it severely weakens him but maybe using Wanda's power and even some help from the Mind Stone he can use his Nightmare realm powers into the real world. It has been confirmed that WandaVision will lead into Dr. Strange's Multiverse of Madness and this sets up Nightmare to be the villain.

It could always be another new villain as well using mental manipulation and playing on Wanda's sadness to create havoc unbeknownst to her as she's trapped in her own dreamscape. Regardless if these ideas are on point or not, its exciting to speculate which ways Marvel Studios can surprise us next. This show will be a comedy that eventually culminates into an action movie by the end and I cannot wait to see how it makes that transition. Also I am holding out for Vision's return to life, whether it is in this show or if it extends into Dr. Strange's movie, I would eventually like to see everyone's favorite Avengers couple tie the knot. Let us know what you think will happen or want to see!

Updated as of 1/23/2021 following Episode 3's releases: Spoiler Warning

Okay so I wanted to add on to this article as we know have confirmation of the birth of Wanda and Vision's twins Tommy and Billy. Speculation is rampant that Mephisto is at play here and could be influencing Wanda's Dreamscape/Reality. Although it's possible it could be Mephisto and it could make sense to bring Mephisto into the MCU to return characters from death but I think he is far too big of a Villain for just one Disney+ Series and although I don't think he is the showrunner (manipulating top SWORD Agents) I think he may have a smaller role. Over the comics in the past two years Mephisto was toppled as the ruler of the underworld by Johnny Blaze, and has begun laying seeds across the MCU.

He influenced Agent Coulson (after bringing him back from the dead) to create a anti-Avenger's team known as Squadron Supreme of America, Miles Morales and Brawn watched as the rest of the Champions died (Ms. Marvel and Viv) and then made an agreement with Miles (details unknown although he says it's to snuff out the hope that young heroes have) and reversed time to bring Ms. Marvel and Viz back to life. Does all this set up sound familiar? That's why I don't see the primary antagonist being Mephisto yet, rather he's the puppeteer.

Martin Preston AKA the Master of Pandemonium

Martin Preston in the comics was a famous Hollywood actor for 27 years living in the spotlight, until one day he is out drinking and driving then crashes his vehicle into a ravine. He loses one of his arms and is then approached by none other than Mephisto. Preston begs for his help and Mephisto calls forth a demon who then attaches himself to Preston's arm socket and becomes his new arm. Mephisto then decides to replace all of Preston's limbs with demon replicas. Preston attempts to go back to acting but notices a star shaped hole in his chest and Mephisto lies to him saying he split Preston's soul into 5 pieces but in reality Mephisto is just using Preston to do all the work so he can recover his own soul. Preston or Mephisto could be influencing SWORD to do their bidding (remember the helicopter from Episode 2 these colors are the exact same as the Master of Pandemonium).

Preston now going by the Master of Pandemonium looking for fragments of his soul, he confronts the West Coast Avengers, claiming that Wanda's twins were actually 2/5ths of his soul and Wanda has used a spell capturing those soul fragments in order to become pregnant. He clashes with the Avengers and is able to destroy the twins to partly revive himself, meanwhile, Agatha Harkness (Wanda's Mentor in the comics) and the Original Human Torch (maybe this is the hush hush conversation Vision inquired about between Agnes and Herb?) search for the other remaining soul fragments. Shortly after Mephisto arrives destroying Pandemonium and restoring his power, the Avengers are barely able to escape. Two decades later, Billy and Tommy (who were reborn following their death) are looking for Scarlett Witch and stumble across Martin Preston. Preston explains how Mephisto used the twins to regain his power and subsequently Wanda's memories of the twins were wiped clean. This could play out as potential storyline for the rest of Wandavision and could even lead into the Young Avengers show with Billy and Tommy's return and Mephisto setting himself up as major Villain in the MCU down the road.

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