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Will there be a Venom 3, who might be appearing and what we hope to see

Will there be a Venom 3?

The short answer is yes... eventually. Amy Pascal has already confirmed that Venom 3 is in the works but we don't have a specific release date just yet. At this point since it hasn't yet been official green lit, the earliest we can expect it is late 2023-2024. With Sony recently announcing the casting of Dakota Johnson as Madame Web for her upcoming film and even more recently it was announced that Euphoria's Sidney Sweeney has been cast for the film as well. Together with Fred Hechinger being casted as the Chameleon and Russell Crowe set to portray as Nikolai Kravinoff (aka father of Kraven the Hunter and Chameleon) in upcoming films it seems as though Sony is gearing up to use crossover characters.

Considering the end of Let There be Carnage it seems as though Eddie Brock will be returning from his vacation with some work to do. The writers of No Way Home have officially confirmed our initial speculation was correct, that when the Symbiote showed Eddie Brock a glimpse of his hive mind knowledge that spreads across the multiverse, he learned that Peter Parker is Spider-Man and thus the reason he appeared in the MCU briefly. Given he was sent back at the end of the No Way Home it seems unlikely we will ever get a Tom Hardy and Tom Holland film but as I wrote in the Amazing Spider-Man 3 article, we speculated the story for Tom Hardy facing off against Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man in his upcoming film.


We have seen the Green Goblin played by William Dafoe, James Franco and Dane Dehaan so it's a fair bet they will not be seeing any Osborn anytime soon. We can also exclude the rest of the villains we saw in No Way Home. Now we could see the Chameleon or Kraven make an appearance in this movie as antagonists hunting down Venom but it seems unlikely given that the Kraven movie will be releasing January 13, 2023, what's more likely is that it would be a post credit for a upcoming crossover movie like Sinister Six.

CrimeMaster and Jack O'Lantern

Jack O'Lantern has been portrayed by numerous characters in the comics, one even went by the name as Mad Jack and this seems like the perfect villain to bring into the series. The movie would start off with headlines of CrimeMaster strikes again. In a separate scene we CrimeMaster heading into a bank to do some reconnaissance, he sees a jumpy individual (Mad Jack) and walks over to him and puts his hand on his shoulder and says "if you pull that gun" you will be dead before you even get to touch that money. Mad Jack looks at the man and his presence is large, Crimemaster suggests Mad Jack come work for him. Crimemaster begins teaching Mad Jack his ways of deception and crime.

Together they begin leaving clues that forces Mulligan to reach out to Eddie and Venom for help. If you think of Matt Reeves' recent The Batman film, a

deranged villain who wants to challenge Eddie/Venom, it would be a perfect third entry to the franchise. Crimemaster eventually gives them an easy clue and gets caught intentionally. He tells Venom and Mulligan that he wanted them to show their hands (to show what the Symbiotes' weaknesses are), to test his new apprentice and show him what not to do. Mad Jack would then change his name to Jack O'Lantern and donning the costume to match. He begins making headlines and clues to capture Venom and Toxin but ultimately it doesn't work and Eddie is able to stop him. Crimemaster in the post credits scene could then be seen saying that Jack O'Lantern was either approved or denied as a potential candidate for the Sinister Six he is creating.

The Jury - General Orwell Taylor:

The Jury and General Tayor would fit nicely in the next movie as a character seeking revenge on the symbiotes. Taylor could have been one of the top donors to the Life Foundation from the first film and believed in the corporation so much he sent his son to work there. After the symbiote outbreak his Son became one of the many casualties and know Taylor wants revenge on the symbiotes for his son's murder. He first tries to push forward a new law to that would see the government design a taskforce to eliminate all aliens/symbiotes in the country. His proposal is repeatedly rejected by members of congress and decides to take the matter into his own hands and begins creating and funding a group of mechanized super villains to go after Venom and Riot.


Alistair Smythe is best known for his time in the 90's Spider-Man cartoon and is the son of famed robotic engineer Spencer Smythe. His alias is Spider-Slayer and also created the Spider-Slayer robots that was initially commissioned by J. Jonah Jameson. Now if we do get Smythe as a villain we can only hope that would mean Spider-Man would show up as well, Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man would fit perfectly into this movie (as dicussed in my previous Amazing Spider-Man 3 article). With Venom being granted as a hero, while Mayor J. Jonah Jameson declares a bounty on Spider-Man putting Venom and Smythe in competition to defeat Spider-Man. Since Eddie just moved to New York, he would not be aware that Spider-Man is anything but a criminal and so would pursue him for the bounty and the glory. Spider-Man and Venom would eventually work together as they discover that Smythe is just trying to kidnap both of them for test subjects.

Black Cat:

Felicia Hardy has appeared in the original Spider-Man trilogy as well as the Amazing Spider-Man movies but both roles were small and never amounted to much. At one time Sony was working on a Black Cat and Silver Sable movie but that has since been cancelled for unknown reasons. With Sony seeking to expand their universe it's only a matter of time until Black Cat is introduced and what better way than in Venom 3.

I hope this film will see Eddie and Venom finally beginning to make peace with the idea that Anne has moved on and as such they begin to go on dates. Some are terrible at first and Venom tries to interject the entire time, which will be a hilarious angle as he dates various types of girls from dating apps. After a serious of disaster dates Eddie Brock ends up on a date with Felicia Hardy and after a rough start it surprisingly goes well. Eddie and Felicia begin dating as they hide their secrets from one another. One night, Eddie with Venom's help is cooking a meal for Felicia, she calls Eddie to say she is going to be late as she slowly slides down a wire as she attempts to steal a rare artifact. The alarm goes off and she says says that she is going to have to rain check their dinner, Venom tells Eddie what that alarm is but he denies it and a moment later Eddie gets a text from Detective Mulligan requesting his help with a robbery at the museum. Venom finds Black Cat on the rooftop and confronts her about the stolen artifact which she plays coy about, Venom tries to take her down but finds she is more than a capable fighter and catches him off guard subsequently knocking him off the roof only to disappear by the time Venom re-emerges.

Felicia begins distancing herself and Eddie worries she has found out about Venom, eventually they go out again and Felicia states that she's had a lot going on at work, Eddie inquires more but she shuts him down and says you can't save me and she walks out. Venom suggests stalking Felicia, to which Eddie says no that's weird but Venom threatens to go do it anyways if Eddie won't help. They begin investigating her place and find a ransom letter demanding she gather all artifacts listed or else her father/sister will be pulled off life support. Mulligan asks Eddie if he has any leads but he lies to protect Felicia until he can learn more about what's going on. Venom then suggests camping out and waiting for her as she hunts the final artifact, Black Cat eventually shows up and Eddie reveals he is Venom and just wants to help her but she pushes him away. The alarm then sounds and the two race to the artifact to find another villain has already stolen it, Venom helps Black Cat escape but is then arrested on breaking and entering and abetting the thief and thrown in jail. Eddie explains part of the situation to Mulligan but the Toxin symbiote knows he is lying and so Mulligan keeps Eddie in a symbiote proof jail. Black Cat comes to break out Eddie and asks him for his help, they work together to apprehend the villain blackmailing Felicia. I say villain to be nonspecific but easily with this storyline you could also plug in Crimemaster's, The Jury, or Smythe's storyline alongside Black Cat to make it potentially the best Venom movie yet!

Detective Mulligan:

Stephen Graham's role as Patrick Mulligan showed him dying at the end of Venom 2, only to bring him back to life with bright glowing blue eyes. Most fans are fairly assuming that Mulligan has bonded with the Toxin symbiote, who is an offspring of Carnage. In the comics, the Toxin symbiote is a lot stronger than Venom or even Carnage, so much so that they had to make a truce to even try and defeat him.

The question that remains is what does that mean for Venom 3 and will he appear as a hero, villain, or just a side-character?

1. The Celebrity Hero

Toxin can appear in the series as a real hero, something that Eddie and Venom have been trying to do but Toxin just does it better and the people adore him. Mulligan can use his symbiotic powers to help him stop crime and when need be fully transforms into Toxin. Toxin should be considered a celebrity much to the chagrin of Eddie Brock and Venom who are now touted as dangerous vigilantes. Mulligan and the Toxin symbiote both adore their new attention they receive but eventually Toxin grows tired of taking the arduous virtuous path of justice and eventually leaves Mulligan for someone who isn't afraid to take shortcuts. This then sets up a minor villain (such as Scorpion) from the beginning of the film to then bond with Toxin creating a much larger threat.

2. The Quite Killer

Considering the Toxin symbiote is an offspring of Carnage, they could tie some of Carnage's monstrous personalities to the new symbiote. Mulligan at first denies using the symbiotes power but little frustrations build up; such as dropping his coffee mug and he uses the symbiote tendrils to grab it before spilling. Slowly Mulligan begins using the symbiote increasingly, and before long the symbiote that has quietly biding his time begins to corrupt Mulligan's mind and manages to take him over altogether. Toxin learned all of Mulligan's tricks as a officer of the law and begins to manipulate himself into a higher position.

3. The Reserved Hero

After nearly dying at the hands of Shriek and Carnage, Mulligan approaches Eddie and Venom with questions about the symbiotes. Despite being an offspring to Carnage, Toxin is the opposite of his father and has no bloodlust and wants to assist Mulligan as an officer of the law. This would keep Mulligan in the "guy in the chair role" serving as the informant and allowing Venom to be the hero.

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