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Tony Stark's presence continues in the MCU and what villains we could potentially see in Armor Wars

Tony Stark has always feared his technology and his Iron Man suit from falling into the wrong hands, following Avengers: EndGame Stark is no longer around to prevent that from happening leaving it up to his best friend Col. James Rhodes. Don Cheadle will once again be donning the War Machine suit as he discovers who is stealing Stark Tech and the Iron Man suits so he can preserve Stark's Legacy in the new Disney+ show Armor Wars. In addition there have been rumors that Robert Downey Jr. is in talks to appear in two MCU projects assumingly being Armor Wars and Riri Williams' Ironheart. So will Tony Stark be in these movies? In the comics everyone comes back to life but the MCU has made it clear they don't want to use that same recurring theme, so what is more likely is that we will either see Tony Starks Life Model Decoy as mentioned in Iron Man 2 or prior to his death, Stark copied his consciousness into artificial intelligence just like Jarvis. Considering that Downey Jr. makes a lot of money, he's most likely looking at a Jarvis type role acting as the interface voice since both of these projects are Disney+ shows and not movies. First lets start off with naming just a few villains likely to make an appearance as it's likely War Machine is going to be fighting a lot of different armors.

The Return of Iron Man 2 Villains?

Since not much is yet known we can speculate on which villains we are most likely see even if it's an episode or two. Let's start off with an old rival Justin Hammer. We have no idea what Hammer has been up to since 2010 in the MCU but it would only make sense for Rhodes to make a house call to Sam Rockwell's Justin Hammer as he goes through his who hates Tony Stark the most list. Who knows maybe even Mickey Rourke's Whiplash will make a return (or recasted), if he's still employed by Hammer. Better yet maybe he will return to Russia and follow his comic book line, where he is a Russian General who has had ties with Roxxon as well as AIM and then becomes Crimson Dynamo.

Spider-Man Villains?

This idea is totally plausible depending on how Sony feels about the MCU using Spider-Man's greatest adversary in Norman Osborn.

I mean it is Norman Osbone if he exists in the MCU he definitely wants a piece of that Stark Tech so we could see the Iron Patriot stopping crime and who knows, it could easily spin off into another series as the Dark Avengers that was rumored about 2 years ago, and it could all be centered on Osborn as he hires a group of villains to pose as the new Avengers (which would be a great group of villains vs. the younger cast of Avengers).

Perhaps a lesser known Spider-Man villain such as the Beetle. As Rhodes is monitoring the skies for unidentified flying suits of armor, he locates the Beetle, Abner Jenkins was originally an aircraft mechanic and has extensive knowledge of engineering and aerial mechanics but he was never able to create his own flying suit. So when the opportunity to get ahold of some Stark Tech comes along he agrees to any job so that he may be able to fulfill his dream of flying.

AIM and Titanium Man

AIM, also known as Advanced Idea Mechanics was the main antagonistic faction of Iron Man 3 and although none of those characters are likely to return it could set up a different type of future for the MCU.

Boris Bullski is an AIM operative who is also better known as his moniker Titanium Man and is a classic Iron Man villian. In the comics, AIM sends Titanium Man to get revenge on Tony Stark and Stark Enterprises but in the MCU maybe AIM is trying to sell its hero over Iron Man to tank Stark Enterprises. Hydra has been very quiet in the MCU since Shield collapsed but maybe that's because the remaining Hydra agents went out to join AIM? The last we saw Arnim Zola was in Captain America: The Winter Soldier as he stalled for time to try to kill Black Widow and Captain America so he could attempt to secure an Iron Man suit for himself in order to have a body or could we see the MCU actually use MODOK?

Ezekial Stane

Obadiah Stane's son Ezekial could very well be a player in the new series. Although Obadiah never mentions having a son at least that he knows of and Iron Man 1 was in 2008 and End Game is in 2023 so perhaps Ezekial is now just turning 18 and believes that Tony Stark murdered his father and now Ezekial has a chance to ruin the Stark Legacy. He is able to legally secure a portion of Stark Tech or part of the company and begins selling the technology off to the highest bidders.

Dr. Doom

Victor Von Doom will sooner or later show up in the MCU and when it does he will be a bigger presence than Thanos. Doom is a mastery level sorcery skills and genius level intellect, as well as the King of Latveria.

He could be climbing the political ladder for a country like Sokovia or its neighbor and waiting to make his big move. Which could be utilizing his sorcery skills to break into Stark Enterprises and steal several Iron Man suits. Doom could be aiming to build a entire Doombot army based off Iron Man's design. Doom could build the best models for his army and then sell the lesser suits to other villains. Not only would he be able to build a presence in the MCU this way without being shown yet but he'd also then be on the bad side of every hero for stealing from Stark.

The biggest question for me is Armor Wars is not which villains are building their own Iron Man suits but who stole it in the first place and then sold it to these other villains, meanwhile keeping the best parts for themselves? I can imagine there will be about 6-8 episodes and I can imagine the first couple will involve hunting down various suit wearing villains as Rhodes gathers clues and information. I also don't see this whole series only being about Don Cheadle's War Machine and I have to believe we will be seeing multiple other heroes aiding in securing lost Stark Tech. In the Armor Wars comic event Stark approaches Ant-Man (Scott Lang) for help investigating who stole his armor. Since the MCU is trying to introduce the newer wave of heroes it could be very likely Lang is retired or on his honeymoon leading to Cassie (who will be played by Kathryn Newton) and Ghost (played by Hannah John-Kamen) helping out instead. In one of the early episodes will Rhodey be tracking down arc reactors readings only to find a young girl in Chicago who has built her own Iron Man suit altogether?

This would be a great prior introduction to Riri Williams and providing James Rhodes as mentor prior to her getting her own Disney+ show and will most likely have Tony Stark as her interface system keeping Stark's legacy and presence in the MCU.

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