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The MCU's next wave of Heroes could break off from the Avengers to become the Champions

Could Marvel Studios be developing a Champions TV Show or movie? Last week I speculated how many characters we could see in the Young Avengers and how they could be introduced. I quickly found myself diving into the rabbit hole as the MCU is expanding with numerous new super heroes to introduce for Phases 4 and 5 and thus lead me to speculate on the potential of another team (unless the cast of the Young Avengers will be much larger than we expect). The reason I chose the Champions as the most likely team is because they are a group of teenage superheroes who have chosen to separate themselves from the Avengers once they began working alongside them following the events of Civil War II in the comics (2016). The Champions were first formed when Ms. Marvel, Miles Morales and Nova (Sam Alexander) decides to leave the Avengers and start their own team in order to be better morally based Superheroes then their former role models.

The Champions were initially written to "Reclaim and redefine in a classic sense what being a superhero should mean. Rather than seeing the previous generation as these icons that came before them, now they've interacted with them on a one-to-one basis and learned they aren't better or worse than anybody else."- Executive Editor Tom Brevoort.

Ironheart - Riri Williams is set to appear in her own series in 2022

Riri Williams was raised in Chicago and from a young age was identified as a super genius and because of that she grew up as an independent and introverted thinker. She enrolls at MIT at the age of 15 and begins to build her own Iron Man armor by stealing different Stark Tech items around Campus. When finally confronted about the stolen items she activates her suit and fly's away and not soon after dropping out of MIT. During one of her test flights, she intercepts inmates fleeing prison in a stolen truck and she is able to subdue but her armor breaks down in the process. She continues repairing and modifying her armor at home, until Tony Stark pays her a visit and highly impressed with her intellect and heroics offers to support her desire to become a super hero.

Following the end of Civil War II, Tony Stark falls into a coma and Riri decides continue his legacy and becomes Ironheart with the help of an A.I. duplicate of Stark as her guidance system.

The main snag for developing this backstory in the MCU is obviously Stark is no longer around, but there is James Rhodes. After Rhodes sees or hears a report of a Stark suit flying around the Country, Rhodes shows up at a small home in Chicago (assuming Rhodes is still a high ranking member of Air Force or still has his connections at least). Anticipating a villain who has stolen Stark Tech he instead finds a 15 year old girl repairing her suit of armor in her garage.

Now considering Stark's ego and the fact that he left EDITH to Peter Parker, it wouldn't be too far off to assume he knew that he would inspire the youth to become Super heroes and more than likely created an operating A.I. of himself to help them in the future. After Rhodes is floored by Riri's level of genius, he decides that naturally she is the one who deserves to inherit Stark's legacy and gives her Stark's A.I. and takes her on as his protégé (I am theorizing that she will first appear in Armor Wars before getting her own series). Her introduction will likely be done before she appears in the Champions or Young Avengers, but her drive, stubbornness, and introverted ways would be a great call back to the Avengers initiative when Stark is labeled as unfit for the team, stating he was volatile, self-obsessed and doesn't play well with others. So perhaps knowing this and learning that Riri doesn't actually have any friends Rhodes enlists her as part of the team that he, Bruce Banner and Captain Marvel creates.

Ms. Marvel

Iman Vellani is set to star as Kamala Khan as she makes her MCU appearance in the upcoming Disney+ show Ms. Marvel set to release at the end of 2021. For those who don't know her she is a Pakistani American from Jersey City, New Jersey, and she is also Marvels first Muslim character to headline her own series after her creation in 2013. She is also the leader of the Champions and the voice of the team. Her powers developed as a result of the Inhuman Terrigen Mists that is released which activated the dormant Inhuman genes amongst the human population and for the sake of the MCU they could just make her a Mutant or (make the Inhumans Mutants themselves).

There were rumors that Marvel Studios wanted to reboot the Inhumans following the failure of the recent TV show so maybe they will be using Ms. Marvel to introduce the Terrigen Mists and the Inhumans altogether. Powers wise Kamala Khan is a polymorphic shape shifter meaning she can stretch and reconfigure her body parts and size at will. In the recent Avengers game, Khan is the game's protagonist responsible for bringing the Avengers back together with her uncanny optimism and persistence to do what is right, even when challenged by the heroes she adores.

It's also rumored Khan will be appearing alongside her Idol Captain Marvel in Captain Marvel 2, which is set to release November 11, 2022. So that tells us two very specific things is that A. Captain Marvel 2 will be on Earth to some degree for its sequel and Marvel has big plans for Ms. Marvels future in the MCU if she's meeting her idol that soon. Assuming by the time the Young Avengers and Champions series come out Kamala will already be set up as a hero in her own right but still Vellani is 18-19 years old and still might be too young to lead the Young Avengers but what's to say in a couple years maybe she can lead the Champions?

Miles Morales?

Miles would be my top choice to appear in almost any team but he always was one of the original members to start the team alongside Ms. Marvel and Nova.

Technically the film rights for Miles is owned by Sony Studios, Marvel could always try to negotiate a cross-over appearance like they did with Peter Parker/Spider-Man for the Avengers, but then again considering the financial success of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse I doubt Sony wants to share their other top bill earner.


Amadeus Cho is another 15 year old, super genius in the MCU and is the son of world-renowned geneticist Dr. Helen Cho. Cho uses gamma absorbing nanites to drain the gamma radiation from Bruce Banner's body curing him of the Hulk and absorbs it into his own body becoming The Totally Awesome Hulk.

Eventually he loses most of this power but creates a small device in his left arm that allows him to transfer into a weaker version of the Hulk that he has complete control over and takes up the alias of Brawn. This could work in the MCU quite well considering we saw Dr. Cho in Age of Ultron and since then maybe Bruce has become a mentor to him.


The She-Hulk series is set to release in 2022 on Disney+ with Tatiana Maslany starring as Jennifer Walters in the series that is being called a legal comedy.

Maybe they are holding off on using Amadeus because either he is set to become Iron Spider or more than likely Banner no longer seeks to remove the Hulk.

Obviously Cho could still receive Hulk powers but maybe its from a relative like Jennifer Walters. Walters is a Lawyer who one day gets shot by a mobster and the only way she could survive was by receiving a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner, then she is transformed into She-Hulk. Her first transformations into She-Hulk were savage much like her cousin but eventually she is able to hold her composure and intelligence after transforming and would then spend most of her time in her Hulk form enjoying the confidence and assertiveness. Walters could fit perfectly into the Young Avengers or Champions especially if the team is created with recommendations from Banner, Danvers and Rhodes.

Nova? Wait... Which one? Two?

According to recent rumors we could be getting 2 different Nova's in the MCU, one being the original Richard Ryder but the other being the younger version created in 2011 Sam Alexander. Could the MCU use a similar concept that was used in the comics? Sam's father is actually a member of the Nova Corps and after he goes missing, Sam ends up accidently hurts himself. He wakes up in the Hospital and to his surprise is met by a talking Raccoon, none other than Rocket Raccoon who gives Sam his father's helmet. Rocket explains that his father was a member of the Nova Corps and gives Sam the helmet and when wearing the helmet Sam is able to access the Nova Force, giving him super strength, flight, energy projection, force fields, universal translation and the ability to survive underwater and in space.

Marvel could plan to introduce him this way or what fits this team better would be one to have him brought to Earth by his mentor Rocket Raccoon. First off, reminder that in Guardians of the Galaxy, Ronan destroyed the Nova Corps and Thanos says in Infinity War that he decimated the Xandar in order to acquire the Power Stone. Also to be noted that Richard Rider's Nova was originally intended to appear in Endgame as the last survivor of Xandar but was ultimately cut due to not having enough time to introduce the character. For that reason I would be surprised if we didn't get Nova in Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and if we do it could set up the team either finding Sam while they were looking for the other Nova. Or perhaps he's already on the team and Rocket's become a father figure to Sam much like Yondu was to Starlord. The Guardians could be temporarily raising and training Sam as he learns to control his powers and would could also explain part of what Rocket Raccoon has been doing over the past few years with the rest of the Guardians being blipped away.

Vivian Vision- maybe following WandaVision, Vision will be alive and to cope with the loss of their twins, he creates a daughter (in the comics he creates a whole family).

In the comics Vision creates an entire family for himself as he tries to settle into a normal family life. Soon after facing hostilities from the community, his son would be murdered and his wife would commit suicide leaving only Viv and Vision left. Viv's lack of emotional understanding could fit really well among this team of Defenders as she had seen her Mother and Brother's death, she chooses identifies them but chooses to suppress them. Also in the Champions comic book line, she explores what is it like to have a crush on various members of the team including a quick fling with Brawn as well as awkwardly making a move on Riri and kissing her out of the blue because Viv can't help her feelings and considering Riri is the least sociable member of the team it would create a magnificent plot point for them to overcome.

Young Cyclops

What a way they could introduce the mutants to give Scott Summers a different origin story before he could go on to lead the X-Men. In the comics, he is inspired by Ms. Marvel's speech about being different heroes from the Avengers and standing up for every person and requests to join the team. This might not sit well with all X-Men fans but I think it would be a great introduction into the X-Men (unless they use Professor X as having deleted mutants from everyone's minds).

Young Cyclops hears Ms. Marvel talking about the responsibilities that the Champions are taking on and requests to join the team, and for him spending a little bit of time on the team as the youngest member would go a long way for him to become the rightful leader of the X-Men in the future.

Another idea is that they could use the Secret Warriors team as well as Marvel's recent Disney+ shows Marvel Rising focuses on a group of young heroes working under the current Avengers like Captain marvel the team was is led by Daisy Johnson AKA Quake (played by Chloe Bennet in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. so she could be brought in for a more permanent MCU appearance). In Marvel Rising we were introduced to a multitude of different young heroes shown such as Patriot, Squirrel Girl, Ms. Marvel, Dante, IronHeart, Ghost Spider, America Chavez and Shuri. Regardless of what team they ultimately decide to go with the ground work is there to create either team but we think the Champions would be a bigger hit especially in a world with an absent Avengers team to protect the world.

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