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The Future of Star Wars is now on Disney+

The future of the Mandalorian and how it effects Star Wars' Future?

Well it seems one thing is for certain Disney is not concerned about making too much Star Wars anymore. Following Disney's Investors day we were informed of 8 new Star Wars Disney+ shows in development. The most exciting is The Acolyte set 200 years prior to The Clone Wars at the end of the High Republic the show will be a female lead that will explore the rising dark-side powers and secrets, and it is also rumored to have continuity with the Star Wars High Republic movies we will see at some point. We have the return of familiar faces wth a droid show starring C-3PO and R2-D2, we have Ewan McGregor returning as Obi-Wan (and Hayden Christensen returning to play Darth Vader!) set after The Revenge of the Sith and Andor which will be in a similar timeline that will feature Diego Luna's character Cassian Andor's life prior to the events of Rogue One. As well as a Lando Calrissian Disney+ show and The Clone Wars spin-off The Bad Bunch which follows the elite and experimental clones who presumably unaffected by Order 66. We have Rosario Dawson returning to play Ahsoka in her own show as well Rangers Of The New Republic and both will take place in the Mandalorian timeline. Following the Season 2 finale the formula of the show is going to change vastly as they set up how they can branch off the Mandalorian's success.

The Mandalorian Season 3

As we wait to see the final Chapter 16 the last episode of 2020, there is a lot riding on this episode and the potential Jedi that may show up in it will give us a great idea of what season 3 will be about. In Chapter 13 when we finally met Ahsoka we found that she was looking for Admiral Thrawn, who has begun reconstructing his forces post Empire control. One important thing to point out is that when Mando arrives carrying Grogu, none of Elsbath's forces commented or even attempted to kidnap Grogu and they even ask what it is, meaning its likely Thrawn is not interested in Grogu and has his a different agenda from Moff Gideon. Thrawn is a tactical genius so maybe he plans to takeover Moff Gideon's garrison of post Empire troops or even the Dark Saber and was just waiting for him to gain enough power. Following Mando and crew's rescuing Grogu and leaving Moff Gideon's ship in disarray and Thrawn or perhaps even his favorite protege Eli Vanto shows up to take over but it is too late and then they turn their pursuit of Grogu.

What if Pedro Pascal is leaving the Mandalorian following rumors that he was unhappy wearing the helmet so much during the season and following Chapter 15 when he finally removed his helmet maybe he has a different type of future in the Star Wars Universe as he creates his own crew for Rangers of the New Republic. If recent rumors serves to be true it seems as though Boba Fett will be taking over the Mandalorian for Season 3 or maybe it will lead into Season 4. Boba Fett has long been rumored to be getting his own movie stretching back to when the young Han Solo movie came out, but to have Boba Fett take over in Season 3 of the Mandalorian just makes sense. The main question is what does this show become now that Djinn Djarin has left, and Boba Fett is to take over. Will it be about Boba Fett learning more about his father Jango Fett? Or will it be about Boba Fett opposing Deathwatch as we explore more about the Mandalorian culture?

Rangers of the New Republic

What is this series going to be about? This could be Gina Carano's character Cara Dune's rumored spinoff, where she works to establish peace in the galaxy. Considering rumors that Disney is asking her to apologize for certain statements she's made, it appears she's on thin ice and maybe that is why they kept the title vague and details under wraps in case they change it prior to filming. An alternative idea for this show is that it's not a new character but our staples Djin Djarin and Grogu. Maybe Cara Dune has finally convinced Mando to become a Marshal himself and he is sent on various missions to keep peace to repay his debt (maybe because he gets a new fancy ship). Maybe we called it in our previous article and it will lead into them searching for Luke Skywalker or Mace Windu or (even Ventress) in order to learn more about balance with the Force so Grogu never has to leave his side.

Let's consider in Chapter 10: The Passenger, the X-Wing Pilots Carson Teva and Trapper Wolf show up to save Mando, Grogu and Frog Lady from being spider food and they decline to helping him off the planet though. So Mando does have a positive track record with the New Republic so this idea isn't too out there. Also remember that Mando's ship was blown up and its never referenced exactly how much credits he has but lets say he may not have enough to buy a whole new ship at least up to his standards, so perhaps the New Republic offers them a ship as they search out more lost Jedi to train Grogu or maybe even searching for force-sensitive children on behalf of the New Order.

It's exciting to see Lucasfilms and Disney finally advantage of other new opportunities. It also seems like they are going to take a page from Marvel's book and have some of these shows having crossover characters and likely crossover shows much like the Defenders. Hopefully this leads to more risks and we go much deeper Star Wars lore.

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