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What and who can we expect to see from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series?

Following the first Episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, we got to see a few great things like in the second scene Sam soaring through the skies to rescue a kidnapped American Soldier from LAF's clutches. We also got to see Bucky trying his hand at a normal life and that includes some awkward dating. We also saw Bucky working for the government following his pardon as well as Bucky trying to make amends for the killings (including personally like for Yori) he did while he was mind controlled. I must say I love Sam and Bucky's dynamic for this series even though they have yet to meet up but "You don't have 10 phone numbers in here and you've been ignoring Sam's texts," was a great storytelling method as well as revealing for both characters.

Sam's rightful place as Captain America

We have Sam not feeling like he should be the person to take up the mantle of Captain America along with feeling heavy pressure from the US Government as well and deciding it was best to retire the Shield. Until the end of the episode where a televised Press Conference announces John Walker (played by Wyatt Russell) will be the new Captain America. Considering Sam Wilson as we saw in the beginning of the episode was working for the US Government for the past 6 months, why pressure Sam to retire the Shield only to replace him? Is it because John Walker is a current US Soldier who doesn't have his own agenda (at least that anyone knows of yet) or because of how often Sam willing sided with Steve Rogers after Civil War? Or is this show diving much deeper and exploring the sociopolitical issues like Racism? There was a rumor that the show will be picking up on these themes similar to the way the MCU did with Ryan Coogler's Black Panther which we're excited to how it plays out.

John Walker and the Flag Smashers?

The question that keeps sitting with me is are these two connected or two different entities. Are the Flag Smashers just a small group to throw off our scent or is it potentially Hydra making their appearance once again? I can't help but imagine John Walker's Captain America is going to be not moralistic as Steve Rogers and thus will lead to Sam and Bucky having to step in but how will it play out? In the comics recently we saw Captain America working as a Hydra Agent.

Long story short, the super soldier serum was sucked out of him turning him into an old man and Kobik (influenced by Red Skull) uses her powers to not just restore the serum but created an alternate version of himself that worked for Hydra. Now this story is a little much but I can appreciate the idea of Hydra making their return to the MCU by masquerading the new Captain America. With Baron Zemo returning will he be using his master manipulation skills and brainwashing techniques to manipulate John Walker and the Flag Smashers into being what he wants? Possibly he's manipulating whoever authorized the US government to choose John Walker in the first place.

So who and what can we expect from the next 5 episodes?

Well we know we will be seeing the return of Baron Zemo who was last seen in the Winter Soldier being locked away in prison, as well as Sharon Carter will be confirmed to be reappearing as well, interestingly enough its not yet confirmed if they were blipped away or not.

It has also been confirmed that Zemo will be taking up his comic book costume, while we don't know what his motive is other than just to turn the world against Super Heroes but in the comics he is a force to be reckon with as having even started his own super hero team (with all villains to fool the public) that became known as the Thunderbolts. Not only that he is also responsible for creating the Masters of Evil (numerous times he created a new team) to fight the Avengers. Although not likely to happen in this series but if there is a Season 2 of Falcon and the Winter Soldier (or an Avenger's like crossover), Zemo gathering together a bunch of defeated enemies across the MCU to make his own Super villain team sounds enticing to say the least.

Phase 1 Characters?

There was rumors circulating that Phase 1 characters could be making their return to the MCU. Speculation was rampant on what characters would return but there are a few we can expect not to return like Obadiah Stane, Whiplash, Loki, and the Red Skull. It is possible though that we could see the return of The Leader or Abomination both last seen in the Incredible Hulk (2008). Justin Hammer also could be making a reappearance as he was last getting arrested in Iron Man 2 (2010).

A Young Avenger and an old Captain America

Maybe the story has a tie in with Elijah Bradley who is confirmed to make an appearance in the show as well. He is considered one of the 4 founding members of the Young Avengers and counting Wandavision we know have 3 of the 4.

Elijah (later known as Patriot) is a regular human in the comics and it isn't until he begins using Mutant Growth Hormone where he gets powers similar to that of a Super Soldier and begins to fight crime. So maybe he will learn of his grandfathers origins and in the midst of a Country that needs a new Captain America with Steve Rogers being gone, he begins parading himself as a new Captain America. Or perhaps the story will take a different approach and hold off on Elijah to focus on Isaiah Bradley, Elijah's grandfather.

It's easy to imagine if Russia successfully recreated a form of the super soldier serum likely there had to be some US organization that was willing to keep trying to reproduce Dr. Erskine's work and that's exactly what they sought to do. In the comics, a faction of the US Army forcibly recruited 300 African American soldiers to experiment on in an attempt to create more super soldiers, ultimately Isaiah was the only one to survive. During his final mission following Captain America being frozen in Ice he steals the Shield and costume dons but following his successful mission the US Government imprisons him for many years on the charge of stealing government property, despite saving the day. Perhaps this is the narrative that the series will be tackling considering the US government does not want Sam Wilson and following a conversation with Isaiah, Sam changes his mind and realizes it has to be done and the shield belongs in his care. Let us know what your most excited to see!

One little side note that I have to say, is Bucky's date with Leah, she does say I'm reading your mind and then gets a hit in Battleship. So is she a mutant??

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