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Ms. Marvel Series will focus on the complexities of coming of age while becoming a Superhero

One of the next biggest Disney+ Series Ms. Marvel is set for release in 2022 and recent rumors are stating June/July release date; Iman Vellani is set to star as Kamala Khan AKA Ms. Marvel in the series. For those who don't know who Ms. Marvel is, she is a Pakistani American from Jersey City, New Jersey, and she is also Marvels first Muslim character to headline her own series (comics and now film).

Kamala Khan was first debuted in 2013 in Captain Marvel #13, where she witnessed Captain Marvel in action for the first time trying to save nearby individuals. In the next panel we see Khan admiring her posters of Captain Marvel and feeling inspired by her role model to help people and thus she took up the name of Ms. Marvel (Captain Marvel's former Alias).

In the teaser trailer (posted at the bottom of this article) we see that she potentially has the power of flight (which is new). She also is shown to have luminescent energy surge when her powers ignite with a hew of purple, blue and yellow. Meanwhile, in the comics her power is polymorphing, allowing her to stretch, shrink and grow parts of her body, as well as accelerated healing and even altering her physical appearance as she impersonated James Rhodes once. Based on the teaser and considering Ms. Marvel will be appearing in Captain Marvel 2: The Marvels they wanted to make her power more in line with her favorite hero.

The question is by changing the source of her power, what effect does that have in the MCU? Do the Inhumans even exist?

Where did Ms. Marvel get her powers originally from....Terrigenesis?

The main question with this series seems to be about her powers so here is a brief description leading up to what caused the Inhumans to create Nuhumans. When Ms. Marvel was created in 2013, it was at a time where Marvel was downsizing/eliminating mutants from their comic and TV series in order to minimize Fox Studios box office success (since they owned the film rights at the time). To replace mutants in the comics and shows and to maximize on their own characters, Marvel created the the series Infinity. The Infinity Series began with the Builders, an ancient race sought to conquer Earth and the Avengers went to space to prevent their assault on Earth, but as they did Thanos and his Black Order came to confront the Illuminati on Earth, who was believed to be in possession of the Infinity Stones. Thanos was looking for his Inhuman son Thane and confronted Black Bolt about his bastard son's location. The ensuing battle would destroy most of Attilan. Before being knocked unconscious, Black Bolt releases a scream that ignites the Terrigen bomb, thus releasing the Terrigen mist on Earth. The Terrigen bomb was designed by Black Bolt himself with the idea that it would remove genetic and racial differences and usher in a new era of peace by turning all species into Inhumans. Unfortunately the result was much difference than what his anticipated plan as the individuals with latent Inhuman DNA began to undergo a transformation called Terrigenesis. When undergoing Terrigenesis the people were encased in a cocoon, until they hatched reborn with powers; unfortunately not all who underwent the process survived though. In fact, the Terrigen Mist even killed many mutants in the comics so could this be a foreshadowing to revealing that Mutants exist in the MCU? Kamala's brother Aamir, who also happens to be a mutant, so perhaps Marvel has a plan to bring involve Mutants.

Marvel was restricted from using Mutants, therefore the creation of the Inhumans/Nuhumans; they sought to emphasize the Inhumans as a marketing ploy for future films and Televisions series. Thus, why we got the un5derwhelming Inhumans series (which is no longer considered canon). What it did effectively create was called the Nuhumans such as Ms. Marvel, Inferno and Daisy Johnson AKA Quake (from Agents of Shield), who are the most recognized characters created from the Terrigenesis. It will be exciting to see if the Series will employ this idea of Terrigenesis or rewrite the source of her powers as a whole. Also something to keep in mind is that the series will take place post Blip so its likely this series will also give us a better feeling of what life has been like in the MCU. Will Marvel retcon the Inhumans, or will she acquire her powers as a result of the blip, a mutation, or as a result of Kree or Skrull experimentations on humans?

Potential Villains?

Ms. Marvel being a relatively new character, she doesn't have a very large Villain gallery.

The first villain she fought was the Inventor, he was created by a genius scientist Gregory Knox who was obsessed with the idea of cloning Thomas Edison. The experiment went sideways when the Edison clone's DNA was contaminated, it was accidently crossed with Knox's pet Parrot, resulting in the half-human, half-bird known as the Inventor. Working together Knox and Edison experimented in alternative power sources and bioengineering and began recruiting discontented youth to use them as live batteries for their experiments.

Johann Fennhoff is also known as Doctor Faustus who has been around a since 1968 as a Captain America villain. Although he does not have any powers he is considered a genius and an expert manipulator. Doctor Faustus was attempting to establish a new Hydra Base in Jersey City. His goal was to sell energy drinks and aerosol spray that contained mind controlling nanotech. His plans were ultimately foiled by Ms. Marvel after he had kidnapped her best friend Bruno. This is a reasonable light storyline we could see in the show but unlikely that he would appear as the primary villain for the show... that is unless he was also a faculty member at the school that Ms. Marvel attended.

Red Dagger

Kareem AKA Red Dagger was introduced in the comics, when Khan went to Pakistan to reconnect to her roots, there she met Kareem who was a local student by day but became at vigilante known as the Red Dagger. He would later be chosen for an exchange student program and would end up living with the Khan family. It has been reported that in the series, Kareem and Kamala will have "an undeniable romantic connection."

Assuming they take a different route than the comics, will Khan still travel to Pakistan? (or at least a flashback of her visit, highlighted by flirting with Kareem)? Considering Kareem is only listed for 4 episodes on IMDB, perhaps he will be introduced in Episode 3 as he comes to Jersey City to stay with the Khan family in order to add another layer to the plot (assuming Kamran is also one of Khan's crushes). As he stays with the family and perhaps during some vigilante work Ms. Marvel and Red Dagger meet and face off against one another, and to that thought these two would seem like the bickering type that can't admit that they like the other person. Kareem (AKA Red Dagger) is set to be played by Aramis Knight.


Kamran in the comics is also an Inhuman and when he meets Ms. Marvel they hit it off and become ally's. In the casting call Kamran is listed as being "morally corrupt" and I can see this show giving these two a romantic connection especially when they bond over the aftermath of becoming an Inhuman (or however the MCU plans to handle their powers). Kamaran's powers allow him to channel the stored energy within his body and discharge it as a shock or by transferring the energy into an object causing it to explode. Considering in the comics, they become friends and then even date each other. The struggles each character has to go through would only make sense for them to date but their ideologies will inevitably tear them apart. Kamran ultimately joins an extremist terrorist group that was focused on destroying Attilan (the Inhumans home on the Moon), so its like this could happen (minus the Attilan part) and it helps Ms. Marvel identify as the hero she wants to be.


Perhaps the most interesting villain on this speculation list. Stormranger is also her doppelganger and is actually a Kree nanosuit that develops a mind of its own. Ms. Marvel rejected the nanosuit and therefore it sought revenge on her. By choosing this storyline it feels like an echo of Peter Parker's story, not only as a teenager who gains power and has to persistently present herself as an ordinary student but also engaging in heroics when needed; but also as rejecting the parts of themselves that limit their moral compass in favor of power.

Also set to appear in the show is Ms. Marvel's best friend since 2nd grade Bruno Carelli who will be played by Matt Lintz. Bruno is an essential character because he is the one who covers for Ms. Marvel as she fights crime. She first reveals her powers to Bruno when she goes to visit him at work, but Bruno's brother, Vick attempts to rob the place and Ms. Marvel gets shot, she then reveals her identity to Bruno so he won't call the authorities. From that point on Bruno helps her out in various situations by covering for her so her family doesn't get concerned when she has to fight crime.

Another character set to appear in the series is Zoe Zimmer who will be played by Laurel Marsden, in the comics Zimmer is a bully in school, that is until one day she is saved by Ms. Marvel. I included this reference it to point out that this show is seemingly going to be a slice of life series with a lot of drama and some action sequences. It seems that the challenges that Ms. Marvel will be facing will be bullying (but same rule as Peter Parker has to hold back her newly found powers), high school romance, and keeping her identity a secret in order to keep her life similar to what it was before she acquired powers, all the while stopping bad guys and defining what type of person and hero she wants to be.

She has even been an Avenger as she joined the team alongside Miles Morales and Nova (Sam Alexander). These three added to the team which already consisted of Vision, Iron Man, Sam Wilson as Captain America, and Jane Foster as Thor. This would be short-lived as the three young heroes would eventually leave the team in order to separate themselves from the Avengers and created the Champions with Ms. Marvel as their voice and leader of the team. Considering that Kevin Feige has already gone on record saying that there will be 2 Nova's in the MCU at some point, I would be shocked if their wasn't already a plan in motion for Ms. Marvel to create the Champions (perhaps Season 2 or after Avengers 5). We can only hope that the Marvel and Sony will keep considering character sharing so we can see these three create their own team.

The biggest question with the series for me is how will the origin of her powers be changed? Considering they plan on introducing Fantastic Four into the MCU sooner than later, it makes sense they want to differentiate Ms. Marvel's power from Mr. Fantastic. The question remains will Ms. Marvel become an Inhuman/Nuhuman or will the series be sneaky about it and leave it ambiguous so they can later define her as a mutant or something else altogether?

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