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Moon Knight series could focus on mental health and sets up the MCU's darkest team Midnight Son

Oscar Isaac will be playing Moon Knight AKA Marc Spector as the character make his live-action debut on Disney+ in 2022, . Disney and Marvel has confirmed that we are getting 4 MCU Disney+ series in 2022 and Moon Knight will most likely be the first MCU Disney+ series likely releasing in March or April, followed by Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk and ending the year with Secret Invasion. Who exactly is Moon Knight though? Many people equivalate him as Marvel's Batman because they both are wealthy vigilantes but Moon Knight has a lot more complexities from the origin of his powers to his mental health. Oscar Isaac has already stated that this has been the most challenging role he has ever had to prepare for and why might you ask? Well its likely due to the fact that Marc Spector is an individual who suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder thus meaning Isaac didn't have to just create one character personality to play Marc Spector but three others as well.

So how does Marc Spector become Moon Knight?

Moon Knight's first appearance was in 1975, appearing as an antagonist in Werewolf by Night #32, soon after his popularity warranted him to get his own series. This is important to mention because there has been rumors that Marvel was looking to cast and possibly even create a Werewolf by Night series so perhaps he could be introduced in the Moon Knight series. The original backstory featured his father a Rabi named Elias who had fled to America from Czechoslovakian during World War 2. During his childhood Marc stumbled across a dark secret that their family friend Rabbi Yitz Perlman was actually Nazi who had continued to target and murder people of the Jewish faith. Marc fights Perlman after uncovering this truth and then Perlman flees never to be seen again, but Marc suffered trauma from this experience leading to his development of DID. For his MCU appearance its likely they will have his DID develop as a result of some other kind of childhood abuse or a traumatic event. Perhaps his brother Randall will be the catalyst for his DID, considering in the comics Randall killed Marc's girlfriend and Marc then proceeds to kill Randall (or at least he thinks he did); this event could also happen later in life and still trigger it but it could give direction as to where Marc ends up next.

Following his traumatic experience he was admitted to a Psychiatric Hospital after the development of two other personalities within himself; he remained at the Hospital until the death of his father Elias. He attending the funeral, but following Marc refused to go back and wound up joining the U.S. Marine Corps. and (in some stories he even joins the CIA too) and during his time became a prominent boxer. He served for three years until his superiors found out he lied about his mental health on his paper work and he was dishonorably discharged. Soon after he was hired to become a mercenary and after building a considerable fortune, Marc and his friend Jean-Paule Duchamp AKA Frenchie are hired for a job in Sudan by Raoul Bushman. Bushman leads a raid on an Archeaological site where they find Dr. Peter Alruane and his daughter Marlene unearthing Egyptian gold. Bushman tries to kill them and steal the gold, Marc disgusted by Bushman's savage actions tries to save them but Bushman manages to kill Dr. Arluane as Marc saves Marlene. Bushman than beats Marc nearly to death and then proceeds on killing the other civilians on site. Marc stumbles into the tomb and he would then die at the base of Egyptian God Khonshu's statue.

Khonshu is the God of the Moon and alongside other deities they were worshipped by the people of Ancient Egypt. They existed in a separate realm outside the multiverse in what is known as Othervoid where they cannot leave but can interact with the normal universe through avatars. Upon Marc's death Khonshu takes an interest in Marc, he revives him to be his avatar the Moon Knight. Khonshu in some mediums he only chooses Marc because of his weak mind in hopes that he can control Marc and in some stories is the cause of his DID. The real question is in what way will Khonshu communicate with Marc, will act as a voice in his head similar to what we saw with Venom, or will it be similar to Black Panther's ancestral plane and Khonshu visits Marc during his sleep.

Khonshu granted Moon Knight with super strength and durability based on the cycle of the moon and his primary weapon is Crescent darts. Because of Marc Spector’s service in the armed forces and mercenary work he is an extremely formidable hand to hand combatant as well as weapon technician. Moon Knight has been show to exhibit other powers as well such as prophetic visions and dreams. The ability to drain peoples life energy through physical and can even man manipulate Uru from the moon which is what Thor's hammer Mjonir was created from.

Embracer, Defender, Watcher, and Pathfinder

Marc's identities are split 4 ways, the first being the embracer is the mercenary man Marc Spector. Moon Knight is the defender serving under the Moon light who viciously beats down his opponents. The watcher Steven Grant is the charismatic millionaire type, and Jake Lockley the hard-nosed cab driver represents the pathfinder.


Ethan Hawke is rumored to play the villain in the series, Hawke stated that his character is inspired by Cult leader David Koresh. Thus leading to rumors that Hawke will be playing Dracula but its hard to imagine that Marvel would use Dracula without Blade, unless it's because Dracula is the underlying Villain secretly controlling the secondary villain such as ShadowKnight or Bushman. Alternatively based on Hawke's recent rumors stating he's couldn't keep the role from his Son as he had to learn about Marvel's gods and mythologies leading to speculation. The more likely choice another Egyptian god?

Atum AKA Amon-Ra is the Sun God in Egyptian mythology and to think that Khonshu uses Marc as his Avatar and his connection to Earth why wouldn't Atum also do the same? Leading speculation is that Atum will choose Hawke's cult leader like character. Moon Knight under directions by Khonshu will have to stop Hawke's character before he expands his cult in an effort to open a portal so Atum can attempt to return to Earth. Alternatively Atum's avatar was known as the Sun King, formerly known as Patient 86, who like Marc was admitted to a psych ward. For the MCU, one could enivision a time where Patient 86 and Marc had an exchange early on life (perhaps as young adults) just for them to face off later in life as avatars of the gods. During Patient 86's time in hospital his Doctor shares with him Egyptian mythology whereby he soon becomes obsessed with the idea of killing Moon Knight and it could be at this time that Atum reaches out to him to and makes him a deal.

If not Atum, perhaps the villain is actually related to the Old Gods and the villain could be a cult leader inspired by the Darkhold (Marvels book of the dead) and is trying to bring Chthon, the God of Chaos back to Earth by inhabiting an individuals body. As seen in the pics below is Chthon inhabiting Quicksilver, his natural form and his Darkhold book that we have already seen in Wandavision.

Chthon alongside his siblings Set, Gaea, and Oshtur became known as the Elder Gods and ruled Earth for millions of years. Over billions of years the elder gods degenerated into Demons, Gaea the only uncorrupted demon went into the Earth and gave birth Atum. Atum would grow up and kill all the demons thereby devolving into Demogorge, the God-Eater but Chthon escapes death by creating a dimension known as the Flickering Realm. Also something of note Chthon is responsible for the creation of witches, vampires and warwolves, so it could give us a cameo or introduction into Kathryn Hahn's Agatha Harkness' series as well as Blade.

Shadowknight AKA Randall Spector is Marc's brother growing up and eventually the two become mercenaries. One day Marc discovers that Randall killed Marc's girlfriend and he vows to get revenge and tries to kill his brother but Randall is able to escape in time unbeknownst to Marc. Randall would eventually return as a cult member of Khonshu and was gifted superhero strength and the ability to shoot lasers from his eyes by the Princess Nephthys. This could also be a good story plot as Princess Nephthys is the goddess of night and the dead and she chooses Randall as her avatar in spite of Khonshu.

Raoul Bushman

If they do keep Bushman as a character that becomes partially responsible for Marc's death leading to him becoming Moon Knight, it's hard to envision Bushman as the primary villain in the series. If they do keep his origin and we do see him in the early part of the show it's likely when Marc is resurrected as Moon Knight he will be the first person that Khonshu directs him to kill and get vengeance. Whether Moon Knight proceeds with killing him or chooses to go against Khonshu's wishes it will help set the tone of the show while setting up the larger villain of the series which of whom could have hired Bushman in the first place.

The Midnight Sons

Moon Knight is also considered one of Marvel's merciless anti-heroes, he even left his stint with the West Coast Avengers because they did not approve of the idea of him killing villains. That's not to say he's The Punisher but he likes his enemies to feel vengeance and see him coming and that is the reason he dons a white costume.

Mahershala Ali's Blade film is set to film in the summer of 2022, and perhaps Blade will make a cameo in Blade leading to Blade's film (or the post credit scene in Blade's movie leading to Midnight Sons as a sequel) where he reaches out to Moon Knight for help in defeating Dracula.

If it's not a Midnight Son's movie perhaps perhaps these characters will come together for Dr. Strange 3, where he has to recruit Blade, Moon Knight and Ghost Rider to defeat Dracula and Boron Mordo as they attempt to spread vampirism to the world. Perhaps Dr. Strange enlists the Supernatural heroes to defeat Chthon or even Mephisto who could have already made his MCU presence known when Wanda had her twins in Wandavision.

Phase 5 importance? Immense.

Following the end of the Loki series we saw Jonathan Major's Kang the Conqueror discuss how the variants of him are far worse than he is and considering the ending we saw, it's safe to assume the worst Kang is our Phase 4 and/or 5 villain. Khonshu despises Kang because of Kang's arrogance in announcing himself a true god above the Heliopolis gods during his time as Rama-Tut and the Scarlet Centurion in ancient Egypt. Kang steals

Khonshu’s magical totem to use for his own purposes, all the while insulting the god, saying that the power he wields is even greater than any god. Given that blatant act of disrespect, the moon god did everything in his power to ensure Kang’s failure when Kang begins to manipulate the timeline. Our guess is that this will be Avengers 5 before secret wars and perhaps in Ant-Man & Wasp: Quantumania Kang will succed in reseting the timeline meanwhile the MCU is completely unaware. Except Khonshu that is exists outside of the Multiverse and timeline will tell Marc that that the timeline has been changed and task him with finding The Avengers to defeat Kang giving them an advantage Kang did not expect. Which villains would you prefer to see or what appeals to you the most about this series?

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