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Will the Mandalorian season 3 have Jedi and bring back more dead fan-favorite characters?

With the success of the Mandalorian we have now seen a lot more than what you would have expected from a new Western themed Star Wars Series that separated itself from the most recent move trilogy. Thanks to that immense success, Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau have used their influence to expand and incorporate new and old Star Wars favorites such as Boba Fett's return from the dead, giving Ahsoka Tano her first live-action appearance, and the biggest was incorporating Luke Skywalker (unbeknownst to many high officials at Lucasfilms until they saw it unfold alongside us fans). Combining two sets of rumors from the Mandalorian Season 3 reportedly being "strong with the force" and another rumor that Lucasfilms was looking to bring back more dead characters (much in the same way that Boba Fett was believed to be dead but we never got any proof).


Let's start off with the characters that would likely enrage the fan base but still have to be considered because we all know we'd still watch. So what about Obi-Wan Kenobi? Yes in a New Hope, Darth Vader cut him in half and disappeared into nothing but after seeing The Last Jedi, I would think its safe to assume Obi-Wan Kenobi was not present, only manifesting himself through the Force. On the heels of a highly anticipated Obi-Wan limited series (meaning one season) set 10 years after Revenge of the Sith with Ewan McGregor returning as Obi-Wan, maybe they'll look to see how they can use McGregor's popularity for additional series/movies. To take it a step further lets argue that Ben was a Force Projection altogether created by Obi-Wan to make Ben look older to Luke as a wiser guide but also so that was the form that Darth Vader would see. A counter argument could be at the end of Return of the Jedi we see Obi-Wan, Anakin and Yoda's ghost. This idea could even lead to bringing back Yoda and even Anakin but those two are less likely because Yoda was over 900 years old and Darth Vader sacrificed himself to bring down the Emperor.

Return of the Sith

Count Dooku

Other villainous characters that would make an interesting return would be Count Dooku, (except he clearly had his head cut-off but just reaching here,) perhaps that was a clone of Dooku? Maybe that's why Dooku couldn't win against Obi-Wan and Anakin because he was just a copy and not able to improvise like the real Dooku could do. The real Dooku could have anticipated Palpatine's plan for the Republic as well as Anakin and forced the Separatists to clone him and themselves as they fled with a fraction of the Droid army.

General Grievous

Grievous' death came at the hands of Obi-Wan in the Revenge of the Sith as he shot him multiple times in the heart in which it exploded. Grievous had become a lot more machine at this point and he would be the hardest to explain his return. So rather than have Grievous return, why not have his sibling return to finish conquering the Galaxy with the droid army, considering he had a sizable Lightsaber collection, it would be lovely to see another member of his species wielding them on camera again.

Darth Maul

The hardest one to accept has died was Darth Maul. He already came back from the dead after Obi-Wan defeated him in Episode 1, rebuilding himself and then ruling the Underworld. He is the character that I would have wanted to see the most in the upcoming Obi-Wan Series, which hopefully still could happen but its unlikely we will see him return in the Mandalorian or that timeline going forward. We just need a rematch because Mauls death in Star Wars Rebels in his final rematch against Obi-Wan was not the epic fight we were hoping to see.

Most Likely to return:

Mace Windu

The first thought when seeing this rumor was it has to be Mace Windu. Samuel L. Jackson will attest that Master Windu did not die, sure his arm was cut off and he was thrown out a window. If you watched Clone Wars, you will have seen the Jedi rarely ever used parachutes as they jump out of flying air ships utilizing falling debris to leap off so they can easily make it to the ground safely. Darth Maul was cut in half and survived a fall from great height, so Windu, considered the best Lightsaber user in the history of the Jedi Order should be fine. The question here would be: where did he go? He likely lands on a sky speeder and makes his way toward the Jedi Temple to try to warn the Jedi Council of Palpatine's plans but was too late and as he leaps into a high chamber of the building, he sees he is too late and Anakin has already begun killing the remaining Jedi and younglings. Mace knowing he can't beat Anakin one on one with his severe injuries he manages to still rescue one youngling that was in a special training room apart from the others, who could be none other than Grogu. This could explain why Mace Windu wouldn't have been involved with the Rebellion because he was responsible for keeping Grogu safe, up until he losses him, and entering Season 3 of the Mandalorian Windu is now looking for Djinn Djarin after hearing of a Mandalorian who was caring for Grogu.

Assajj Ventress

Assajj Ventress, the former Sith Apprentice to Count Dooku; the last time we saw her in Season 6 of the Clone Wars, she and Ahsoka were helping one another escape Coruscant. Where she went after this is unconfirmed, there is a novel where she falls in love with the Jedi Quinlan Vos but that is not cannon as of right now. If parts of that story is made to be true on-screen she could now be a Jedi Knight for the light side of the Force and maybe even a parent or just still kind of bad. Maybe she returned home to Dathromir or even could be heading for an appearance in the Ahsoka series (hopefully it gets made, she could appear as a Teacher in the Fallen Order series).

Other Jedi that survived Order 66

When re-watching The Revenge of the Sith it was hard to find survivors, but there was one that could have survived as most were fired upon until they couldn't defend themselves. Master Plo Koon was last seen flying his ship as he gets shot down by the Clones behind, but maybe he jumps out of his ship at the last moment. He had a great bond with Ahsoka so it would be a fantastic reunion to see these two meet once again especially following Ahsoka's assumed path to becoming a Grey Jedi.

Most other Jedi Masters were confirmed dead with two relatively unknown confirmed to have survive are Master Uvell, Eeth Koth and Quinlan Vos, could all make an appearance but they would mainly be all new material as not much cannon lore is written about them. There are a few others to consider who were in similar experiences like Padawans, Cal Kestis, and Kannan Jarrus (aka Caleb Dune) who got away thanks to their masters sacrifices as well as more unknown Masters.

What about the Jedi who left prior to the Clone Wars?

There is also lesser known faction of Jedi known as the Altisian Jedi that split from the Jedi Order sometime before the Clone Wars erupted but still assisted to the War to some extent despite having been cast out by the Order. Headed by Jedi Master Djinn Altis, this faction allowed Masters to take on multiple apprentices as well as have families, both of which the Jedi Order forbid. He had his own ship called Chu'Unthor which he taught anyone willing to learn the ways of the Force and even married a local Bespin women named Margani, then encouraging his followers to do the same. This would be the perfect avenue for the show to explore how to use the force and still have a family without falling to the dark side and keeping the dynamic duo together.

There are also other rumored Jedi who left the Order before the Clone Wars broke out, such as Master Yaddle, who we see in Phantom Menace but not in the Clone Wars. What's to say there was not other Jedi who strongly opposed becoming a Warrior force for the Republic and left as the Clone Wars broke out? We could easily run into any of these characters once again and some may even blame themselves for the Empire taking over because they left the Jedi Order.

Assuming the third season of The Mandalorian will be the biggest yet, we will most likely see and hear more about the Force and the Jedi as well, maybe even a few characters we couldn't think of! Nevertheless, there is a lot of potential caveats and characters that we could see return from their supposed death or annihilation. With Filoni and Favreau headlining all the current Star Wars Disney+ projects at the moment there is hope for many on this list to return on-screen. If I forgot any other important characters, be sure to remind me in the comment section below and let me know what you think!

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