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Is Ezra Bridger and Thrawn getting their own Disney Plus Show and where have they been Since Rebels?

In Season 2 of the Mandalorian we have that Ahsoka is tracking down Grand Admiral Thrawn, this prompts many questions considering the last time (in the supposed timeline) we saw Ahsoka was on Lothal when she shows up in the Rebels prologue to help Sabine locate Ezra. Dave Filoni has suggested that the events of the prologue could take place before or after Ahsoka's appearance in the Mandalorian. So is this all a trick so he doesn't reveal his hand or might this work for the story? Let's consider a few things first, if Ahsoka's appearance takes place in Mandalorian takes place prior to Rebels prologue then we can assume soon getting her information from Morgan Elsbath, she will be heading back to Lothal to get Sabine. Now if it were to take place afterwards then for whatever reason Ahsoka and Sabine had to part ways (intentionally or unintentionally). One of those reasons could have been an attack on Lothal that forced Sabine to return or even an attack on Mandalore which could have been planned by Thrawn himself.

What is Thrawn's goal?

In the 2018 Thrawn comic book series, Thrawn meets the Emperor for the first time and with immense confidence he says it would do you well to utilize as he has taken in interest in the Empire. Thrawn tells the Emperor that there as threats lurking in the unknown part of the galaxy that will one day find your Empire as he offers his services to the Emperor.

He agrees to work for the Empire on the condition that Emperor take into his consideration his people and the Emperor challenges what if he refuses to give his people that consideration but Thrawn confidently answers that I have between now and then to convince as he assures the Emperor that their goals will coincide. After all Thrawn desires peace in the Galaxy and sees the Empire as the best chance for that happening.

So where in the Galaxy is Ezra and Thrawn?

What else is important to note from that episode is Morai is shown in Mandalorian at least giving us a hint that we could be heading back to Mortis but what was left out intentionally or unintentionally was Ahsoka did not seem to reference or notice Morai.

So perhaps Morai's appearance is a hint that we return to Mortis or perhaps that is where Ezra and Thrawn are trapped? The problem with Mortis and any other ancient Planet they could be trapped on for the past several years is most likely incredible hard to find or uncivilized and exists in the unknown parts of the Galaxy. We know that the Purgills are ancient creatures that know and utilize hyperspace routes that still remain a mystery to the rest of the galaxy. Is Ahsoka's staff created from the bone of Purgill and it is something she sought after in order to locate Ezra, or is this an ancient Jedi (or Sith) artifact. Now what about Ahsoka's fancy new staff? Well as we saw in the new trilogy that Luke Skywalker had a special compass that helps navigate hyperspace lanes even if they are yet to mapped out. In the last film Rise of the Skywalker, Rey uses this special compass in order to locate Exegol. So could her staff be a similar object that helps navigate the unknown of deep space?

Are Thrawn and Ezra stranded?

Perhaps they did end up on a Planet like Mortis or even a Planet like Korriban (AKA Moraband) which was the original home of the Sith Species. Long predating the Old Republic, the force users of the Galaxy gathered together and decided to create the Jedi Order and then exiled the individuals who didn't fall under the teachings of the light side of the Force, most of these outcasts would end up on Korriban. The Dark force users would cohabitate the Planet and soon after began to breed with the local species and thus where the Sith name comes from, and eventually they leave the planet to take revenge on the Jedi Order. Just considering the depth in Star Wars lore that could be fully emphasized is fascinating and they can set teasers us for when they eventually give us more Star Wars away from the Skywalker timeline. If they were to choose a Planet like this it would be a great start to the series to have Ezra and Thrawn stranded and leaning on each other for help (Ezra doing so grudgingly) and other ancient technology to work in order to get themselves off the Planet.

What other forces could they be facing?

Considering Ezra and Thrawn are getting their own spin-off series it is likely they have had to dealt with a lot more than just fighting for the basic necessities and getting along. This could be where Thrawn's reference to other more evil Galactic Threats that could come into play as they have to fight something such as the Grysk. Thrawn does reference that there are more powerful individuals than the Jedi (or the Sith) that exist in the universe as well as beings that are far more Evil than the Empire. The Grysk are borderline myths in the Star Wars universe as they have barely been been seen throughout the Galaxy that live in the unknown regions of Space. They are a Warrior nomadic race that traveled in flocks of starships so numerous they could block out stars.

The Grysk also have the ability to probe ones mind and soul and find their deepest fears, desires as well as their fondest memories; they would utilize this tactic to enslave individuals to fight on their behalf. Ezra and Thrawn would not be easy to mentally deceive but as the series goes on you could witness the Grysk slowly infiltrating their minds. First happening to Thrawn, they begin to incept him that they Grysk is what would be best for the Galaxy and not the Empire, as Thrawn seeks to reestablish as the Galactic power, they trick Thrawn into trying to kill Ezra but the Force tips the balance and Ezra is able to connect with Thrawn mentally restoring Thrawn's willpower. As the series goes on they slowly creep into Ezra's head and combined with being stranded on a former Sith planet, he could begin to give into the Darkside in order to get off the planet. Although I am a little skeptical of Ezra falling completely to the Darkside after sacrificing himself to save Lothal but the Grysk could prey on his fear and desire to return to his friends and turn him against Thrawn and blaming him for them being stuck there in the first place. Ezra is then convinced to fight Thrawn and leaving Thrawn responsible for bringing Ezra back to his senses.

Could we see this in the new series? Well hopefully! Considering it would force Ezra and Thrawn to not only work together (remember Sabine has Ezra's Lightsaber) but have to rely and trust one another in order to survive. They eventually figure out a way to deceive the Grysk into thinking one of them is controlled just enough for them to hop aboard one of their spaceships to escape and warn the rest of the Galaxy but in the mean time sets up another Star Wars film franchise that combines all of the new projects set in this time period.

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