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How will the MCU best utilize Deadpool 3 and the other 4 movies that will follow?

Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool's future in the MCU

There have been so many rumors regarding Marvel Studios, Disney and the future of the Deadpool franchise and fans are eager to find out when it will be coming out and what could the third Deadpool movie even be about. About 2 Months ago rumors came out that Ryan Reynolds and Marvel Studios had come to an agreement on a 5 film deal, which supposedly is the "Biggest deal in MCU History" and considering the most recent salaries of Avengers stars were making from $15-20 Million and how popular Reynolds is it is not to surprising. Also taking into account the more appearances the character makes in the MCU the more the actor makes when renegotiating, so maybe Reynolds contract isn't Robert Downey Jr. in Avengers: Endgame raking in $75 million. When considering Reynolds Star Power to bring in even non Marvel fans into seeing these movies, it's a no brainer even if Reynolds deal is 5 films for $200-250 million. Ryan Reynolds will also remain on as the only writer for Deadpool 3 from the previous two films, as Marvel has chosen Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin to pen the rated R script. The Sisters are best known for their work on Bob's Burgers for the past 9 years.

Deadpool 3:

The big question on everyone's mind is how will Deadpool AKA Wade Wilson be incorporated into the ever expanding MCU? One recent rumor suggests that the Thanos snap will affect Deadpool's cast and they will all disappear, leaving Deadpool to believe it was his fault for messing with the time travel device at the end of Deadpool 2. Or perhaps not all of the cast and maybe the only survivors we get are Cable, Domino and Vanessa, considering rumors also state it will be half reboot/half sequel, it's hard to imagine he forgets his lover and new teammates.

Another idea is Deadpool begins using the time machine very liberally and creates a time paradox. Thus warranting Cable to attempt to fix it and amidst their arguing over whose fault it was and the ethics and morality of time travel, a mistake is made and the device malfunctions pulling in the two and Domino (because she's just that lucky). Then Forcing the trio into a multidimensional adventure where Marvel now has liberty to use any character and maybe even runs into Dr. Strange along his Multiverse of Madness? Although one thing that seems necessary would be for Deadpool to make it back home or at least getting back to Vanessa and perhaps maybe it's their wedding? With this Deadpool can exist in the MCU with a device that allows him to teleport to the MCU and back home (and hopefully uses it as a teleporter in combat?) when it's convenient. This way we get Deadpool without having to worry about continuity and for Deadpool he can keep Vanessa safe and still have his mercenary fun and maybe even some Sony Spider-Man universes?

Spider-Man/Deadpool Spinoff?

Given that Marvel Studios has appeared to be hesitant on Deadpool's fit in the MCU why not have him off in different dimensions perhaps with Sony and he pays a visit to Peter Parker?

Rumor has it that the two studios have discussed this type crossover and both studios are excited by the prospect of it and so are we! The only question is which Spider-Man? Tom Holland's Spider-Man would be amazing to see these two bickering back and forth but Holland's Peter just seems a little too young for Deadpool's bloodshed and craziness. Although the MCU has surprised us many times before. I can see this movie as Spider-Man is chasing down Villains as he runs into Deadpool who is after the same Villains, but Deadpool's going to kill them and Spider-Man attempts to stop him. I imagine most of the movie being Spider-Man trying to clean up Deadpool's messes, as he gets into EDITH causing problems everywhere and especially in Peter's personal life.

What about Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire?

Deadpool traveling to Sony Universes is exciting to think about. Imagine him showing up amidst Spider-Man trying to take down the Rhino or Venom? I have always thought that Maguire played a great Peter Parker but Garfield played a better Spider-Man. For that reason I would rather see Garfield just beginning college but Deadpool keeps getting in the way as he wants to be friends with Spider-Man while he's stuck in this universe.

Deadpool keeps popping up in Peter's life on a date with Aunt May. Mr. Wilson can come in to Peter's class as the new Substitute Teacher or Principal even? He may even offer to take over superheroeing for him and agrees to take care of a villain attack on the city for Spider-Man so he can go out on a date but for Peter and Deadpool both just end up having a horrible time and making things far worse.

Deadpool 4 and/or 5?

Well the ideas for these movies largely depend on how the events of Deadpool 3 play out and to what degree he will be involved in the MCU. Although considering how Thor Ragnarok rebooted the series where we will likely now get a Thor 4 and 5, Deadpool will probably run the same path. We did also hear rumors of Ryan Reynolds wanting more MCU heroes involved so it could be interesting to see who Reynolds wants to use.

Secret Wars

After the Russo Brother's success with Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame they had stated they were done making Marvel movies, but not long after did they admit they would come back if they could do Secret Wars. The first Secret Wars event was created in 1984 as a publication event in order for Marvel to sell more toys as heroes and villains were transported to an artificial planet called Battleworld to see whether good or evil would come out victorious. You may also remember it if you have watched the 90's Spider-Man cartoon. The most recent comic version of Secret Wars was released in 2015, this storyline involved the Marvel (616) universe and Marvel Ultimate (1610) Universe merging together and leaving the remaining heroes and villains working together to build a new Earth ruled by God Emperor Doom (AKA Victor Von Doom). The heroes of The 616 Universe band together to restore their universe and meet opposition with characters from The 1610 Universe. Considering all the multiverse plots going around it looks like we will eventually see this on the Big-Screen and Deadpool would be the perfect addition, trying to take saving the universe seriously, meanwhile doing his best to poke fun at, hit on, and annoy the heroes of the MCU. This is most likely the next big Avengers movie we get as we see a range of Heroes from Phase 1-5, and potentially some new as we could get multiverse versions of the same characters. A project this size would easily rival the past two Avenger films, it would be so massive I would hope that it actually became a 12 Episode Disney+ series with potentially releasing in theatres in 3 parts that could span the scope of a year?

Of course there are other potential projects like be perhaps he could be involved in Secret Wars? X-Men? X-Force? Regardless it's exciting to see that Disney and Marvel Studios are giving us fans what we want and that's more Deadpool. Considering Ryan Reynolds loves playing the role as much as we love seeing him play it, it seems like we are going to get a lot more Deadpool to come with a minimum of 5 films and maybe even some cameos? Hopefully we will hear more soon and most likely when we hear actually confirmations it will probably come from Mr. Reynolds himself via Twitter.

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