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How many Star Wars Spin-Off are coming from the Mandalorian this season?

We're now two great episodes into the Mandalorian Season 2 and we've already witnessed a surprise cameo featuring Boba Fett. Previous year's we heard rumors that Disney and Lucasfilm wanted to release one Star Wars film a year and for a while they were doing just that. Unfortunately these films were unable to capture the same admiration that the previous Trilogies gave us, and following Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker all future films were put on hold. Fortunately for us nerds Disney+ has almost all the older Star Wars cinematography and we even got new content with The Mandalorian, a seventh season of Clone Wars. After the first episode of Mandalorian it was a loud and clear message, Star Wars is meant for shows like this and it seems as though Disney agrees.

“The priority in the next few years is television with The Mandalorian season 2 coming in October, and then more coming from The Mandalorian thereafter, including the possibility of infusing it with more characters and the possibility of taking those characters in their own direction in terms of series.” - Bob Iger

Boba Fett, the Man who survived a Sarlacc Pit

Well after the first episode of Season 2 we're shown Temuera Morrison AKA Boba Fett, watching Mando ride off holding what used to be his armor. Are we likely to see Boba Fett again? Well most likely he's already pursuing Mando or Mando ends up back on Tatooine and has to ask Boba Fett for help. When will we see him next is hard to say but it does beg the question what has he been doing for 7 years on Tatooine? Is he still the same contract killer or has he softened up a bit? His inclusion later this season can answer a few other questions as well such as how his father Jango Fett got the armor to begin with and is he actually a Mandalorian? Supposedly he was born on the Mandalorian homeworld of Concord Dawn but most of his origins are unstated and unclear. How about some Rebels?

*Star Wars: Rebels Spoilers"

Katee Sackhoff was the voice actor for Bo-Katan who was the last known leader of the Mandalorians at the end of Star Wars: Rebels, and she will be reprising the role as they bring Bo-Katan to make a cameo Mandalorian at some point this season. This will give us more of an explanation exactly how she lost the Darksaber or her control over the Mandalorians to Moff Gideon. I expect this is who Mando will run into first, which will lead to him meeting Sabine Wren. Considering Sabine Wren gave Bo-Katan the Darksaber to unite the clans of Mandalore, which is apparently no longer the case, this part of the story will more than likely play into this season's arc and add more insight into what the Mandalorian objective is.

Sabine may not know how to use the force to help uncover clues about Baby Yoda but her lost traveling companion Ahsoka Tano does. Sabine asks Mando to help break the Wren family out of prison and in exchange they then go meet up with Ahsoka. This would explain partly what Gideon is up to imprisoning families that don't agree with him and it would explain why Ahsoka and Sabine temporarily have split up. For those of you who haven't seen or finished Star Wars: Rebels, during the epilogue Sabine and Ashoka head off to find their lost friend and Jedi Knight Ezra Miller. The epilogue takes place 4 ABY, and the Mandalorian takes place 7 ABY meaning they've been looking for him for about three years thus far.

Rosario Dawson is set to appear as the fan favorite Ahsoka Tano in the Mandalorian at some point this season. Whether it's for an a small cameo or a an episode it will be exciting to finally see the live-action debut of Anakin Skywalker's former Padawan. In addition to hearing rumors of a female lead Star Wars spinoff show we also saw rumors of an Ahsoka Tano movie. So it begs the question, is Ahsoka's live-action movie consisting of her and Rex following the events of The Clone Wars or will this be immediately after the events of Rebels? Lucasfilm does love its Empire controlled content, and an Obi-Wan appearance would seem likely considering his Disney+ Show is all but confirmed.

Let's say this spinoff show is Ahsoka and Sabine looking for Ezra and they will find him as Dave Filoni has confirmed Ezra and Admiral Thrawn survived their warp drive on the back of the Purrgils (Space Whales). This show can be based on them searching for Ezra, showing us how the galaxy looks post empire control and fleshing out old Star Wars mysteries that have yet to be answered...hopefully we get some references to the Grey Jedi or maybe Ezra ended up on Korriban, the original homeworld of the Sith species.

Are there any other Jedi out there?

Following the success of the recent video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order we heard rumors that Lucasfilm was looking to have Cal Kestis make his official live action debut.

Cameron Monaghan voiced the character in the game and it makes you think maybe this was the plan all along. Given his other acting experience as Ian Gallagher in Shameless and Jerome Valeska in Gotham he undoubtedly is a solid choice to reprise the role. For when the Mandalorian takes place it puts Cal at about 38 but it still works.

Mando could run into Cal and the Mantis Crew asking them for assistance as they attempt to restore the Jedi Order and build. This would also create a great moment for Cere Junda (played by Debra Wilson) who was a Jedi Master at the time of Order 66, it's possibly she knows more about Baby Yoda's race and origin, at least more than anyone else that's still alive.

This would be a perfect place for Lucasfilm to spin-off a movie or Disney+ show about the Mantis crew as they've recently opened a Jedi Academy, you have former Jedi Master Cere Junda teaching students how to fight and defend, Merrin to teach about the force (and hopefully some more about Dathromir magic), Greez to teach piloting and mechanics, and of course Master Cal Kestis. It just begs the question if we do get an appearance from Cal Kestis does it set up a new timeline and a new path for Star Wars films and shows going forward?

Will the Mandalorian's canon overwrite the latest Star Wars Trilogy?

Let's also question one thing here; there have been rumors that Lucasfilm is trying to hire back Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford. Wait. In the new movies both Luke and Han are both dead, Han didn't know how to use the force so you can rule out Force Ghosts.

Well if we look back to June there were rumors of a creative civil war at Lucasfilm, as the studio planned how to proceed following the disappointment of the latest films. We saw rumors of Time Travel being introduced as a way to remove the most recent Trilogy from canon or even just stating these movies are an alternative future and Emperor Palpatine died in Revenge of the Jedi. Honestly this seems like the best route considering we haven't heard any rumors for any of those characters like Rey, Finn or Poe, and hey why not give it a soft reboot? Fox did it with X-Men by saying Wolverine: Origins just shouldn't be regarded as canon and even re-wrote their prior X-Men trilogy with Days of Future Past.

Given the success of the Mandalorian it looks like Disney and Lucasfilm likely wants to capitalize on its success it's had with these characters as well as re-introducing the ones who have yet to get their live-action debut. Will they go in a manner that rewrites or ignores the most recent trilogy? Possibly and honestly probably because Lucasfilm loves to make content based on the Skywalker era as much as possible, and the last few movies kind of removed their chance to build upon the Post Empire Galaxy. Here's hoping to seeing newer Star Wars outside of the Skywalker era and if that has to keep being the case here's to hoping they do it in a way that we fans win out the most and listen to us nerds! Interesting tidbits for fellow nerds out there, Ezra Miller is the same age as Luke and Leigh Skywalker!

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