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What could happen next for Hawkeye in the next big Disney+ Series

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

The Disney+ show is officially set to release for November 24th, of this year and with it we will see the return of Jeremy Renner reprising his role as Hawkeye as well as the debut of his protégé, Kate Bishop who will be played by Hailee Steinfeld. Not too much else is known at this time other than a couple rumors but we are here to digest those for you and give you our prediction of how the series could play out.

What has been confirmed so far, well really nothing yet but there has been pictures showing the Track Suit Mafia, which leads speculation that the villain Banionos will be showing up at some point but they seem to be mainly small time villains to give us some extra action shots in the beginning of the series and some funny dudebro commentary.

The question is how do they become involved with Clint Barton (Hawkeye) or Kate Bishop?Kate grew up alongside her older sister apart of a wealthy Manhattan family, she worked hard to succeed in academics and sports through school to earn her father's attention but unfortunately he was too focused on his career. Kate's mother would end up passing away when she was still fairly young and Kate became increasingly estranged with her remaining family.

One night she heard her father making a ruckus in their office and she found her father beating up another man and she became disillusioned with the thought that was her father. She decides to investigate further and ends up getting captured by a villain known as El Matador and was held for ransom. Ironically, shortly after the Avengers break into the Villains headquarters and Kate makes a run for it and as she does an arrow wisps by her head leading to her escape. Afterwards she becomes enamored by Hawkeye because he was a Hero but also a regular human like her and he became her new role model. She began to help out in soup kitchens becoming more isolated from her family until one day she was assaulted in Central Park leaving her traumatized and even more isolated than before. Kate would use this motivation to begin mastering numerous forms of self-defense and martial arts, as well as archery, and swordsmanship. (For more check out the Young Avengers article).

Most of the backstory from the comics can work in this Series with minor changes. Likely El Matador will not be in the series but we did see set photos showing the Track Suit Mafia, so perhaps they are attempting to use Kate's father's business ties for nefarious projects and while investigating she is then kidnapped. Clint could be traveling to New York (or California) with his daughter Lila because she is going to college to view the campus(or Clint's keeping tabs on certain villains from his days as Ronin). Clint goes to investigate the building to make sure it's safe enough because we expect him to be the overbearing and over-worrying type for his first daughter going away to college. His intuition pays off and finds the Track Suit Mafia's hideout and thus discovering Kate being held captive. He manages to defeat all the members, rescues Kate and Kate subsequently begs him to teach her how to fight.

The Track Suit Mafia's business scheme now ruined can tie directly into Kingpin (who is also rumored to appear in the series) had hired them for a specific job but now his plan is up in flames and now wants revenge on Hawkeye. If this is to be the same Kingpin (played by Vincent D'Onofrio) that we saw in the Netflix series, Daredevil, we can expect him to a be a man with a plan who isn't going to get his hands dirty if he doesn't have to. The introduction of Kingpin in this series will tie to Echo (AKA Maya Lopez), Marvel's most popular Native American and Deaf heroine. Echo/Maya is set to be played by Alaqua Cox set to make her first appearance in the Hawkeye series before she will be getting her own Disney+ Series.

Maya's father had secretly worked for the Kingpin, after having him killed, Kingpin adopts Maya and sends her to the best schools money can buy. In the comics, Kingpin would then manipulate Echo into fighting Daredevil blaming him for her father's death, this could also work very well in the Series with Kingpin blaming Hawkeye instead.

Black Widow Spoiler Alert

As we saw in the ending credits of Black Widow, Val approaches Yelena (Florence Pugh) to offer her a job in hunting down Hawkeye who Val states was responsible for Natasha's murder. During EndGame, Natasha had sacrificed herself in order for Hawkeye to live and considering they were in Vormir at the time my question is how would Val even have know that Clint and Natasha were together on Vormir? Nevertheless how or why she says he is responsible for her death (unless she's just antagonizing and purposefully being vague).

Val clearly has some insider knowledge or is just trying to get Clint killed before Yelena learns the truth. The most direct point made in their conversation was when Yelena says "your not supposed to be bothering me on my vacation" implying that Yelena works for some organization that her and Val are both apart of and its possible that Val isn't even the head individual in charge.

This scene also tells us that Clint has never met Yelena following the events of Black Widow but the question remains if they have heard of each other before? It's safe to assume that Natasha and Yelena kept in touch after the events of Black Widow as well as Clint, but it's likely Yelena was blipped away so Clint probably has some knowledge of Yelena and but not so much vice versa (other than Natasha telling Yelena a friend helped get her out in Budapest).

It will be exciting to see a series with Clint being pushed to his limits while training Kate to become the next Hawkeye. Surely part of the show will begin with Kate asking to be trained but he probably say no but eventually pressuring him into it with equal, if not better clever quips. It might seem like a convoluted story to have two females heroines following false leads to resulting in trying to kill/capture Hawkeye and Kate, it definitely has a lot of potential, especially if we have a third secret villain involved. Although there is most likely some additional type of storytelling elements that Marvel will incorporate to throw us off, whether there will be a different villain working for Kingpin like Bullseye. If this is the case, one would then imagine that it's because MCU has larger plans for Kingpin. This would also indeed work for setting up the Echo series and having Kingpin set up as a major MCU villain that the heroes have to come together to defeat like in the Defenders (or maybe Kate will lead a West Coast Avengers). Let us know what you think and what you're most excited to see!

Just for fun I wanted to add this little snippet from the first time Hawkeye officially met Kate in Young Avengers issue number 6.

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