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Digimon Live Action Movie?

Digimon and Pokemon are two mega franchises that came out of Japan in the mid 1990's and we are now passing over 20+ years of each franchise meanwhile we as fans, are still getting new Animes, Cards, Games and Memorabilia to this day. Digimon (owned by Bandai) is continuously setting itself up to be a bigger and better franchise with each decade that has passed clinging to their nostalgia. Bandai now seems to have a strategy in play that will continue to build on it's success by tying in their Animes, card games, Animated movies and possibly a Live action Digimon is in the works?

Digimon Adventure 2.0

In 2020, Bandai sought to reboot Digimon based off its initial first series Digimon Adventure featuring younger versions of the characters to draw in new younger audiences. The series is set in 2020 with the protagonists having to overcome obstacles in the Digital world that also effected their modern world back home. The series shows how our infrastructure in the modern age can easily crumble when small digital problems arise and showing us how much we rely on technology as a society. With the show now over 60 episodes with no signs of slowing down it seems Digimon is only gaining momentum considering the original series was only 54 episodes.

Digimon Trading Card Game 4.0?

We have had multiple versions of the card game over the past 20 years but it looks like Bandai has finally made one that will stick. The Digimon Trading Card Game is gaining an increasing amount of popularity (we at The Nerd's Knack absolutely love) as the English version is set to catch up to the Japanese sets. We currently are on set 5, in Japan set 7 was just released, and set 8 was recently announced. For all you Pokemon fans out there go ahead and give Digimon a try, you won't regret it (but your wallet might if you invest in multiple card games). We also know that Bandai is testing out their own online simulator of the Digimon TCG, so we can expect that probably at some point in 2022.

Digimon's Video Game Status... TBD

Digimon Survive is still.... welll surviving. The game just got delayed for the third time? (I've lost count honestly) but its not dead! Most console games don't survive years of delays, considering it was initially supposed to come out in 2019, our guess is that it will be an amazing game and hopefully well worth the wait with a release date now set for 2022.

Wait did you say movie? I mean LIVE-ACTION MOVIE!

On top of that there is also rumors of a Digimon movie! With Disney's acquisition of Fox Studios, along with that comes the film rights that Fox owned and among them was the rights for Digimon. It was also suggested that the reason Disney is looking to create the first ever live action Digimon film (or potentially a series) to rival Pokemon's recent success on Netflix and with Detective Pikachu.

Is there a Plot Synopsis? Sadly No.... but we got an idea of how to make it work!!

"Set in 2021, Elena, 13 years old and her group of friends are hanging out at their usual hangout spot near an old construction site as they cross the fence they look up to see a giant creature flying away from the site. They explore further only to find that it is abandoned, they hear loud noises and panic and they run away, Elena trips and hides behind a wall. Several Ogremon's go running past her where her friends escaped as Elena looks on in terror. She gets up and runs the other way, and then stumble upon mysterious eggs, they pick them up and they begin to glow.

Elena wakes up the next morning to something eating out of her trash can and jumps awake when she hears it talking about how delicious old ramen is and then it evolves to its next form. Elena screams and her parents come upstairs but she is able to hide the little Digimon talking, saying it was her TV, they believe her and go off to work (unbeknownst to Alanna her parents work for the Digimon Agency). She then heads to school only to see that she is being followed by her new partner Botamon, so she reluctantly brings her partner to school with her packing him into a bag but at lunch time she finds that her lunch has been eaten. Koromon (who has since digivolved into Koromon) yells "Elena help I can't reach this food!", and Koromon falls out of the bag and at lunch grabbing someone else's sandwich off the table and Elena jumps to the floor and pretends she at the sandwich, she is then teased for having a stuffed animal and eating the other person's lunch.

After school the Elena is teased once again for carrying home Koromon and grabs Koromon out of Elena's arms and starts throwing him around. Elena is fed up and grabs Koromon back from the bullies and walks away. As she does Kuwagamon (digitalized looking) appears and begins to attack near the group of bullies looking for Koromon. Koromon says we have to help and despite being bullied Elena jumps in to save them, as she turns around Koromon begins digivolving into Agumon. Agumon fights Kuwagamon but is unable to beat him and gets smashed to the ground. Elena runs over to protect him and at that moment her cell phone lights up and she begins to fuse with her partner to become Agunimon(or a female version too) to defeat Kuwagamon together as Kuwagamon becomes digital data.

Elena and Koromon defuse and they begin to head home as Koromon asks for more food. A random black car approaches and demands she gets in. Agent Harkness asks what was that? Elena studders and says I don't know its just a stuffed animal. Agent Harkness looks at her with a weird look and tickles Koromon who sneezes, Harkness then explains that she works for Digital Accident Tactics Squad (DATS) which is a government organization established to maintain the peace between the Real World and the Digital World, transporting any Digimon back to the Digital World. She goes on to explain this Kuwagamon was created as a Virus Hunter, to prevent Digimon from leaving Digital World and entering the Real World and breeding but she admits that this is the first time she has seen a digimon fuse with a human. She is then offered a "part time job" at DATS under Harkness' supervision and eventually Elena discovers that someone is after the Digimon that have been re-born in Human world in order to take control on the internet and subsequently both worlds.

It looks like its setting up to be a great decade for Digimon for new and old fans alike and it seems as though Disney is making sure they can get a piece of the pie as they seek to mimic Pokemon's recent success on Netflix. What else would you want to see in a Digimon movie? Do you have a preference of who the partner Digimon should be?

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