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Andrew Garfield's confirmed for Amazing Spider-Man 3! 5 possible storylines we could see in the film

With the recent announcement that Andrew Garfield has reportedly signed on to a multiple film deal as long as he is granted some creative control over the character. Assumingly that means we will likely see Amazing Spider-Man 3 in theaters by 2025 or better yet Sony could be developing a series instead because the report was disclosed as 'multiple Spider-Man projects'.

As I eluded to in the previous Spider-man 4 article, it seems unlikely we'd be seeing a Tom Hardy and Tom Holland crossover at this point rather instead we could see a Hardy/Garfield crossover that could be in early development. Could Garfield also appear in the upcoming Morbius film in a post-credit scene, it seems more possible now with the film's release date being pushed back three months. Another idea is that they could be planning Andrew Garfield to appear in the Silk TV series that Sony has been developing. It's also been rumored that Sony wants Emma Stone to return as Gwen Stacy indicating we will see her return as Spider-Woman AKA Ghost Spider in either Olivia Wilde's Spider-Woman movie or another project altogether. Presumably with Sony bringing back Andrew Garfield, in addition to Emma Stone and a Silk series, and talks of bring Miles Morales to the big screen, it has to mean they are eventually going to create a live-action Spider-Verse franchise.

Before diving into what the Amazing Spider-Man 3 could be about. A little backstory of how Amazing Spider-Man 2 had become such a mess prior to it's release. Somewhere along working on ASM2, Sony decided to cut the movie in order to give Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy a proper send off when originally she was supposed to die around the half way point. The film would then introduce Shailene Woodley's portrayal of Mary Jane Watson but the Studio had decided to push that off and then stated there would be an ASM 3 and 4. This was at the same time Sony was trying to capitalize off the success of the MCU's world building and also wanted to create their own villainous team up movie starring the Sinister 6 which obviously never came to fruition and would have tied into ASM 3 and 4.

5 Different ideas for Amazing Spider-Man 3 or (a Series):

1. The least likely option would be picking up right where ASM 2 left off where Harry Osborn AKA Green Goblin wanted to assemble a Sinister 6 team to go after Spider-Man. The team would consist of Green Goblin as their leader, Paul Giammatti's Aleksei Systevich AKA the Rhino, the Beatle (or Vulture) who has been outfitted with a Oscorp costume, Felicia Hardy could appear as Black Cat. Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Kraven the Hunter could join the team per request of his half brother Dimitri Smerdyakov AKA the Chameleon.

1.A - an alternative to not bringing Dane Dehaan back would be to replace his role as the lead villain by using the mystery man shown in the first film as Gustav Fiers AKA the Gentleman. He could bring the 6 villains together while he takes control over Oscorp and leaves Harry in jail. To take the story even a step further I would have the Gentleman's actually identity be that of the Chameleon who has been waiting for the optimum opportunity to go after Spider-Man. To replace Green Goblins place on the team Sony could opt to use either Shocker, Hobgoblin, or Hydroman in his place as the Chameleon secretly runs the team in secret. The film could also feature Peter starting to develop feelings for Felicia Hardy/Black Catt and the Chameleon eventually discovering this to use as leverage against Peter to make him fight the Sinister Six kidnapping Black Cat, ultimately Black Cat betrays the team and helps Peter take on the remaining 5 villains.

2. This idea could also be the plot of Venom 3 as he returns to his universe and travels to New York. It's likely that the universe that the Venom movies took place in is in fact the Amazing Spider-Man universe as the only reference to Venom previously was a file listed Venom in ASM2 on the Oscorp database. What exactly would a Venom and Spider-Man movie team-up even look like? It'd likely introduce the first signs of a Sinister 6 organization working together with villains such as Vulture and Rhino working together to rob Oscorp or perhaps just to cause a scene to try and frame Spider-Man for a crime. Venom breaks into Oscorp and looking for the symbiote and then Spider-Man arrives blaming Venom and attempts to apprehend him. They fight it out in the lab and as they do the symbiote breaks lose and attaches itself to Spider-Man.

The villains are able to escape and eventually track down Venom recruiting him for the Sinister 6, which Venom joins to track down the symbiote that is taking over Peter Parker. Meanwhile Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Kraven the Hunter has been tracking animalistic super-powered beings and after apprehending Vulture and Rhino he sets his eyes set on Spider-Man and Venom. Spider-Man meanwhile tries to track down Eddie Brock to learn about the symbiote that is altering his personality as Kraven begins setting traps pitting the two to fight one another as he studies their fighting techniques.

An alternative idea is to make Spider-Man and Venom wanted criminals forcing them to work together as the main villain would be Detective Patrick Mulligan from Venom 2. Mulligan now works for the FBI and is tracking down Eddie Brock and Venom after his near death experience showed him obtaining some new power (in the comics he obtains a symbiote and becomes Toxin). The way it was presented it seems as though he gained a different power similar to Shriek's rather than a symbiote. Idea's for this could be a were-creature transformation that he isn't able to control when it takes over. Either way it would be fun to Andrew Garfield and Tom Hardy team-up in the vein of a buddy cop movie where they are forced to work together.

3. With Garfield's return to his universe he will finally come to terms with the death of Gwen Stacy as he begins attending College. Rhys Ifan's Dr. Connors can return in the film after being saved from the Lizard, encourages Peter to continue his research into genetics and biochemistry. Dr. Connors introduces Peter to a colleague of his Professor Miles Warren who offers to take Peter as an understudy. Unbeknownst to Connors and Parker, Warren had recently been driven mad with grief at the death of Gwen Stacy who could have worked under him at Oscorp. Meanwhile Spider-Man continues fighting crime he uncovers numerous mysterious Jackal creatures stealing advanced technology from Oscorp and other science labs across the city.

One day, Warren overhears Peter and Dr. Connors discussing the multiverse and begins to grow suspicious of Peter's tardiness and begins following Peter until one day he overhears Peter talking to Dr. Connors about the multiverse. Warren asks his students for a blood sample for an experiment he is working on, and Peter is put in a situation where he can't say no without drawing suspicion. Peter dressed as Spider-Man decides to break into the lab and steal his blood sample back but finds out that Dr. Warren has brought it home. Peter follows him home and breaks in to discover that Warren has been keeping tabs on Peter Parker and Spider-Man's life for a long time because of their connection to the late Gwen Stacy and as you see written across the blackboard is 'Peter Parker killed my Gwen Stacy and he is the key to getting her back'. Spider-Man attempts to leave the lab but is attacked and subdued by numerous Jackal clones. Miles Warren then reveals himself as the Jackal and takes Spider-Man captive and using his blood and some DNA from Gwen Stacy as a tracking conduit he opens up a portal to another universe where Gwen Stacy is not only still alive but where she is also Spider-Woman and she is pulled into their universe alongside the villain (lets say Tombstone or Rhino) she was fighting (or they are pulled into her universe).

Gwen Stacy initially has a hard time trusting and accepting that this Spider-Man is Peter Parker since she is Spider-Woman from her universe. Gwen who had recently witnessed her universe's Peter become the Lizard and was unable to save him from dying. Warren approaches Gwen but she denies him and it drives him further into madness as he attempts to look for another Gwen Stacy from a different multiverse. The machine doesn't work as it previously did and instead Peter's Miles Warren meets Gwen's Miles Warren AKA the Jackal (who looks more like the Jackal as he experimented on himself rather than clones). The former then kills the original Miles Warren and overtakes his life. As Peter and Gwen separately track down Tombstone (or Rhino) they begin to get in each other's way, but ultimately they work together and then discuss their hardships and experiences. The Jackal then begins to experiment with Parker's blood on students and Dr. Connors using them as leverage to capture Gwen Stacy and forcing her into an ultimatum marry him or let the innocent be turned into Man-Spiders. She gives in but not before Peter arrives and the two work together to apprehend the Jackal but in the process he destroys the multiverse machine leaving Gwen trapped in a separate universe or an alternative one setting up her own movie?

4. Black Tarantula and Mister Negative?

Peter Parker having returned to his universe is inspired to help people as Peter Parker in addition to his role as Spider-Man and alongside Aunt May they volunteer at F.E.A.S.T. a social project designed to help the homeless and less fortunate. While volunteering Aunt May meets and begins to date the man in charge Martin Li the kind hearted philanthropist soul. Unbeknownst to them Martin Li's polar opposite personality is Mister Negative and is known as the ruthless crime lord. F.E.A.S.T. would soon come under fire by another NYC gang headed by Black Tarantula looking to take down Mister Negative. Black Tarantula is an adept martial artist, with superhuman strengths, agility, energy beam projection, and a considerable healing factor.

Black Tarantula would be masquerading around NYC as a new Spider-hero appealing to the media and even going so far as challenging Spider-Man's righteousness and blaming him for crime to begin with meanwhile Tarantula is really just framing his competitors and lackey's. As Mister Negative begins to take over Martin Li's personality more and more he then teams up with Black Tarantula to take down Spider-Man once and for all by using Aunt May as leverage.

5. With Peter Parker and the villains from No Way Home returning to their universes, Electro seemed to stand out as a villain embracing his darker side. With the power dampening device locked to his body, he would seek out creating his own Sinister Six team. He begins recruiting villains he could have a degree of control over such as Tinkerer, the Beetle, the Vulture, and the Prowler. These villains would come together but ultimately betray Electro realizing they all rely on electricity as they restore the power dampener used on him on No Way Home. Electro now desperate attempts to recruit the Otto Octavius of his universe for assistance in getting revenge on the group that betrayed him but also Spider-Man. This Otto Octavius would actually be a young adult and even a new college friend of Peter. While Peter and Otto are working on a cloning device for a college school project. Peter has to leave to stop a runaway truck and Electro approaches Octavius, who denies helping a villain and in response Electro manipulates the electricity in his brain to reform his personality to despise Spider-Man. Spider-Man then takes down Electro but not before he created a new villain in Doc Ock to target Spider-Man. This would open the door to have Doc Ock to be reborn in Peter Parker's body where he becomes Superior Spider-Man and possibly even giving him his own spin-off series.

What was your favorite potential storyline? What characters would you most like to see in Amazing Spider-Man 3? Let us know what you think in the comments and thank you for reading web-heads!

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