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A New Skywalker character, a new timeline and Brie Larson joins Kevin Feige's Star Wars movie

On the heels of Jon Favreau's success with the Mandalorian comes new rumors that he is set to become the next Kevin Feige of Star Wars. Additionally new leaking information is that there is to be a new Skywalker character being developed by Jon Favreau himself. The rumor suggests that the new Skywalker character is to be based of Star Wars Legends Cade Skywalker. Following the events of Rise of the Skywalker, Ben Solo and Rey's spirit was merged into one and through the Will of the Force and subsequently Rey becomes pregnant with Cade Skywalker.

This would be very similar to the way Shmi gave birth to Anakin Skywalker without a Father but would also suggest that Shmi was actually Force Sensitive and at one time or another had a long lost lover. If these rumors serve to be true it also tells us that the next wave of Star Wars films will be pushing the timeline forward a minimum of 15 to 20 years following The Rise of the Skywalker to the point we would see Cade on his way to becoming a Jedi... or would he?

So who is Cade Skywalker?

He is the main protagonist of Star Wars: Legacy and a descendent of Luke, Cade's a promising young Jedi in training until Darth Krayt shows up and kills his father, as a result he abandons his teachings of the way of the Force and the Jedi and becomes a Smuggler and Bounty Hunter. Darth Krayt learns that Cade has the ability to revive people from death and begins seeking Cade out because he needs his power and soon after Cade returns to the New Jedi Order and avenges his Father. What's more it's also rumored that Cade's character will have connections to Brie Larson's new Star Wars character, Maeve.

These could just be leaks to generate buzz and see what the fans think but what is the alternative to writing a new Skywalker character into continuity? What if Darth Vader had another child in an attempt to fill the void left by losing Padme and their child. Perhaps he even cared for her enough and having learned from his mistake chose to keep this a secret from the Emperor and moved his new lover and child out to a remote Planet in the Outer Rim. Since it would be after Anakin became Darth Vader the child would be slightly younger than Luke and Leia but could also be set a couple years before a New Hope, if they wanted to bring a youthful character into the Mandalorian time period, perhaps he could even be a Mandalorian?

Bri Larson's Maeve

It was recently rumored that MCU Boss Kevin Feige's new Star Wars movie would be starring Brie Larson as Maeve. Larson is a huge Star Wars nerd, she even auditioned for the role of Rey in the Force Awakens, so she was probably waiting for this type of role. The plot of the movie is Maeve is tracking a mysterious artifact that can manipulate the very essence of the Force. Maeve will also reportedly be playing a Jedi more powerful than Darth Vader and it will be set in a new timeline.

Two weird things to note, first, is why Darth Vader? Anakin pre-Vader transformation is considered much stronger that Darth Vader, also Luke and Rey surpass Darth Vader's strength so is suggesting that her character will not be the strongest that we have seen at least not right away. 2nd note, considering it's being reported as "Jedi" implying this would be in the High Republic timeline as the Jedi Order is intact or if it is set to appear in the future timeline it implies that the Jedi Order has been rebuilt with or without Luke Skywalker. They could attempt to retcon Luke a bit from the Last Jedi or if they chose not to it would mean Ezra Bridger & Cal Kestis could have a much bigger importance in movies or Disney+ shows as they rebuild the Jedi Order.

Whether these rumors serve to be true or not it does give us hints that there is a new brain trust at work for the future of Star Wars. At the very least it tells us that they are looking to using these characters in a new timeline and avoiding over cramping between Revenge of the Sith and a New Hope (finally) and potentially continuing the storyline after The Last Jedi or looking to revamp it. It seems as though Disney is pushing some influence on Lucasfilms towards an MCU like build up featuring crossovers for characters and plot points across different Movies and Disney+ shows. At least the fans can rest a little easier knowing Jon Favreau is heavily involved as Star Wars looks to continue expanding.

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